Thursday, August 7, 2014

Preview: Flirty Girl Collectibles FGCDX-004 1:6 Scale Female Collectible Figure will be an archer

Flirty Girl Collectibles FGCDX-004 1:6 scale Female Collectible Figure will come with FB02-M 2.0 Version female body with double joint elbows, Female head sculpt, Peasant blouse with lace trim, Faux leather Bust corset, Pants with stitch detail, Golden bicep and forearm cover, Faux leather equipment belt, Relaxed hands (pair), Grip hand (pair), Dagger left hand (1 piece),Bow left hand (1 piece), Arrow right hand (1 piece), Faux leather hand cover, Potion bottle with pouch, Archer bow, Arrow bag with (5) arrows, Dagger knife with holder, Boots (made to fit bare foot), Art Box.

Since the 2012 American science fiction adventure film "Hunger Games", Jennifer Lawrence has shot to fame and along with her character, female archers as well. The female wasn't a damsel in distress any longer but a thinking, fighting, kicking, never say die warrior. "Katniss isn't passive, she isn't weak, and she isn't some random girl. She's active, she's strong and she's the girl who motivates the story." So it's no surprise that 1/6 scale female archers will pop up on the horizon for 12-inch figure collectors with companies hoping to make money out of them. After all, there are still two films based on the last book "Mockingjay" to be released.

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Anonymous said...

THis basically Natalie Portman in "YOur Highness"

Unknown said...

Alright! More bow and arrows for my arsenal. I can't place the likeness though but the outfit is real nice and past figures have been reasonably priced.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones (both the show & the books) and this looks like it will make a nice Meera Reed figure =] I'm also a big fan of the blog, thanks for keeping me informed about all of the new figures over the years. Now if only I could afford to buy all of the awesome figures that have made it from this blog to my Wish List lol. I appreciate it =] I'm a woman btw, we like to play with action figures as well lol.

alex teo said...

Thanks Nova for the comments. Always nice to know female collectors of action figures :)