Saturday, August 9, 2014

Preview Phicen Limited 1:6 scale Huntress Deluxe Collector Figure - Let the battle begin!

What is it with female / women warriors in comics? They are usually scantily dressed and armed with big swords or spears, and they can go into battle wearing what little they have and yet never experience any wardrobe malfunction. The answer lies in the fact that most probably because they are all drawn by men. So the next question is: What is it with men and scantily dressed women and why do we enjoy seeing so much of the female form?

Phicen Limited seems to know what men (more specifically, 12-inch figure collectors) want and have previewed pictures of their next release which will be the Phicen Limited PL2014-42 1:6 scale Huntress Deluxe Collector Figure. Let the battle begin!

Phicen Limited PL2014-42 1:6 scale Huntress Deluxe Collector Figure will come with: 1/6 scale Female Head sculpt, 29.5 cm (approx 12 inches) tall Seamless body in large bust size, Replaceable hands 7 pieces, Breastplate, Jockstrap, Cape, Hand cuffs (?), Shoulder armor, Shoulder armor cast, Right hand armor, Back armor, Back armor casting, Waist armor, Left thigh connector, Knee armor, Shank armor, Neck Strap, Neckerchief, Thigh small hoop, Iron chain, Left sleeve, Chest fittings, Stomach fittings, Ankle fittings, Chest buckles, Chest joining belt 5 pcs, Right hand joining belt 4 pcs, Thigh band, Upper leg joining belt 10 pcs, Shank joining belt 4 pcs, Ankle joining belt, Axe, Treasure sword, Boots, Base

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Phicen has certainly improved on the quality of their products. Compare these pictures with their earlier released Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Female Seamless Body with Tan skin and large bust size 12-inch figure posted HERE and the more recent 2013 Convention Exclusive 1:6 scale Phicen 12-inch Female seamless body with pale skin and large bust size (reviewed HERE and HERE)

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