Saturday, August 9, 2014

Phicen Maidservant Uniform Temptation Series Artistic Interpretation 1:6 scale Collector Figure

A Maidservant is simply defined as a female servant. But the french maid uniform has become part of Uniform fetishism, a sexual fetishism where an individual is obsessed and fixated by another or oneself wearing a uniform. A popular costume for sexual role-play, the French maid uniform, worn by a servant who traditionally defers to her wealthy master, carries an implicit dominance and submission symbolism.

Phicen Limited (Item NO: PL2014-35) Maidservant Uniform Temptation Series Artistic Interpretation 1:6 scale Collector Figure will come with 1:6 scale Female Head sculpt, 30 cm / 12-inch tall Large bust seamless body in pale skin tone, Replaceable hands 6 pieces / 3 pairs, Maidservant dress, Underpants, Stocking 1 pair, High-heeled shoes, Neck strap, Hand ring, Feet ring, Hair band, Mop, Pail, Grommet, towel, Base, Tray, coffee cup, coffee spoon

Not too sure what Phicen Limited was thinking when they decided to pursue this subject matter and produce this figure. I guess they figure there are people out there who will buy this particular product. The numbers must be high enough to justify them going into this line. So what's next? Well, among the most common uniforms in uniform fetish are those of a police officer, soldier, schoolgirl, nurse, French maid, waitress, cheerleader, and Playboy Bunny. Some people also regard nuns' habits or even aprons as uniforms. The uniforms may be realistic, or they may be made more sexual through the use of a very short miniskirt, a very long hobble skirt or a corset, through the use of stockings, fishnet tights, or high heels, or by being made of leather or latex, according to preference.

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Phicen has certainly improved on the quality of their products. Compare these pictures with their earlier released Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Female Seamless Body with Tan skin and large bust size 12-inch figure posted HERE and the more recent 2013 Convention Exclusive 1:6 scale Phicen 12-inch Female seamless body with pale skin and large bust size (reviewed HERE and HERE)

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