Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Check out MC TOYS 1/6 scale Dark Climbing Kroenen Set - it's really COOL (pun intended)

MC TOYS ITEM: F-042 1/6 scale Dark Climbing Kroenen Set is a really interesting set. In the Dark Horse Hellboy comics, Karl Ruprecht Kroenen was a relatively unremarkable Nazi SS scientist, whose most distinguishing characteristic was that he always wore a gas mask and protective bodysuit, possibly due to severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and fear of bacteria.

Director Guillermo del Toro created a significantly expanded biography for the character, to appear as a villain in the 2004 film adaptation. Kroenen's portrayal in the Hellboy film is radically different from the comics. Kroenen, who originally played the part of a meek character, who Del Toro describes as someone who is likely to say "Aargh! Don't break the machine!" is here portrayed as a murderous soldier who is inhumanly loyal to Rasputin. In the original script for Hellboy, the young Professor Bruttenholm describes Kroenen as "one of the Reich's top scientists, and head of the Thule Occult Society." In the film release, the line was re-dubbed so that the first phrase was replaced by "Hitler's top assassin."

MC TOYS ITEM: F-042 1/6 scale Dark Climbing Kroenen Set will come with 1/6 scale Kroenen HEAD SCULPT, Black Cap, Neck Gaiter, black Down Hooded Jacket, Shadow Shell Pants, Alpine Gloves, Rocky Mountain High Gaiters, Sabretooth Clip Crampons, TNF SLOT Winter Grip BOOT, Black military mountaineering backpack, Climbing Rope, Climbing Harnesses, Black molle belt, Screwgate Carabiner x 2, Nalgen 1000ml water bottle, Bottle pouch, Carbon Ski Pole x 2, BD Viper Ice Tool x 2, Spinner Leash with Screw Lock, Silver D-ring x2

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Come hell or high water, this set is a MUST have because of the many kitbash options with all the cool gear and such. About the 1/6 scale Kroenen head sculpt. What's with that? The last time we saw Kroenen was in the 2004 Hellboy film so this is supposed to be a tenth anniversary figure? Other than the fact that it does go well with the entire getup, this has no relation to the film whatsoever.

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Michel R. Gramond said...

I really love the Del Toro's Kroenen, but the sideshow figure was a big disappointment for me. This one looks great, but it's only the head, I can't see the connection between the characters all those accessories. Even though, if it have reasonable price, I'll buy it for sure :D