Friday, August 1, 2014

Dragon Models "Iron Man 3" 1/9 Mark 7, Mark 21, Mark 33, Mark 38, Mark 39, Mark 42 & more!

Dragon Models and DART (Dragon Advanced Research & Technology) are excited to introduce their latest innovation in 3D technology, Marvel Ironman 3 "Action Hero Vignettes" in 1/9th scale. Pre-painted and with just the snap of a few parts, you can have a highly detailed desktop display of your favorite Avenger!

A hybrid between a display figure and a kit, Dragon brings you the best of both worlds. The use of model kit techniques allow Dragon Models to reproduce the intricate details and sharp lines to maximize the usage of the official 3D character scans. The use of the static display concept ensures that there are no cooling lines on the torsos and no visible ball joints that are prominent in most "action" figures. Additionally, the figures are set in a Marvel suggested pose so that the body portions won't be deformed when the poses are changed.

In essence these are Highly collectible display models Developed in 3D, using official data from Marvel. They are supposedly Highly detailed and accurate, cast in Dynamic poses with diorama bases, Fully colored and textured to movie likeness. Minimal assembly required, simply "plug and display". Certainly an alternative to collecting the whole series of armor suits seen in "Iron Man 3".

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Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9 scale Iron Man 3: Mk 7

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale Iron Man 3: Mk. 17 "Heartbreaker"

The Marvel Super Heroes Vignette line-up from Dragon features blockbuster characters in 1/9 scale. Each highly detailed and accurate figure is pre-painted and separated into just a few parts. This means collectors and modelers can rapidly complete the plug and display process. The figures are accurately colored and textured to movie likeness in a dynamic Marvel approved pose on a diorama base.

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale Iron Man 3: Mk. 21 "Midas". Comes with shiny gold plating armor, Multiple gold finishing, Intricate sharp lines on the armor mask, Lively eyes on the armor shows its unique character

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th Iron Man 3 Mark XXXIII (MK 33) Silver Centurion

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale  Iron Man 3: Mark XXXVIII (Mk. 38) "Igor" Armor

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale Iron Man 3 - Mk. 39 "Starboost"

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale Iron Man 3: Mark XLII (Mark 42)

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale Iron Man 3: Mark XLII (Mark 42) "Battle Damaged"

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale Iron Man 3: War Machine Mark II

Dragon Models Action Hero Vignette 1/9th scale Iron Man 3: Iron Patriot 

Lots of different armors to collect and that's not even all of them.


Tony said...

Dragon's trying to jump on the Iron Man bandwagon but not sure whether they'll succeed; these aren't exactly flying off the store shelves at Universal Models.

I've seen this kits up close, assembled and in spures, they're fairly medicore but expensive, almost HK$700 for unposable kits is ridiculous. If in 1/6, collectors could buy these to complement their HT Iron Men, but 1/9??

alex teo said...

Thanks Tony for the feedback. It's always good to hear from collectors who have actually seen the product up close and can give us an honest assessment. Much appreciated :) cheers

Anonymous said...

Honestly, i think that dragon models is doing very well! These new kits are very detailed,great poses and stability, and about the price, 50÷60 € it's not expensive for me, considering the overall quality! Even if they're not poseable, when you paint a model kit like these, and put it in a case, thrust me you'll never move it!
The last i've got it's the mark 38 Igor's freaking huge!!