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DID x Fewture 1/6 scale Peter Bishop 12-inch figure from "Fringe - Imagine the Possibilities"

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Peter Bishop is a fictional character of the Fox television series Fringe. He is portrayed by Joshua Jackson. Peter has been described as a "sort of jack of all trades", and also as a "brilliant person" who possesses "a lot of his father's innate intelligence". He is often the first person to note how insane the proposed experiments sound and tries to find logical explanations often where there are none. When he is first introduced, Peter is callous and cold to Olivia, showing little concern for Agent Scott, but he grows to become more sympathetic as details of his unhappy and often traumatic childhood are revealed. He often maintains a sardonic, cynical demeanor, but has proven time and time again to have a heart of gold. In addition, he has become far more enthusiastic about the work Fringe Division does, and his thought process has realigned itself to suit that.

DID x Fewture have teamed up to produce and release 12-inch figures from Fringe, and this toy blog post covers the 1/6 scale Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop figure. The next post will cover the Walter Bishop 12-inch figure.

DID x Fewture 1/6 scale Peter Bishop 12-inch figure from "Fringe - Imagine the Possibilities" will come with authentic head sculpt, new all-era 12-inch figure body with 2 pairs of hands, blue pea coat, black leather jacket, black T-shirt, blue jeans, scarf, gloves, black leather belt, socks, brown boots, black figure display stand with "Fringe" nameplate.

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NEXT: DID x Fewture 1/6 scale Walter Bishop 12-inch figure from "Fringe - Imagine the Possibilities"

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