Monday, October 6, 2014

Check out MC TOYS 1/6 scale ERYX Soldier outfit set with something different - Kryptek camo

Not sure what ERYX stand for but this is a very interesting camouflage option. Apparently in 2012 when the U.S. Army was considering a wardrobe change, five camouflage design teams were chosen to move onto the next stage of the Army's selection and testing process of Phase IV Camouflage Improvement Effort. The designers had to prove that their patterns of desert, woodland, and transitional camouflage stand up to scientific analysis and field trials.

The Army was also interested in a pattern for equipment and gear to cross over all three environment color schemes. This means soldiers won't have to switch their equipment to match what they're wearing in different environments. One of the elite teams vying for a possible Army contract was a small, yet formidable company named Kryptek, founded by two combat veterans who served together in Iraq. They were competing against respected firms ADS (teamed with Hyperstealth Biotechnology), Brookwood Companies, Crye Precision, and a Government team from the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center. (source:

This will be MC TOYS upcoming release: M-045 1/6 scale ERYX Soldier outfit and gear set which will comprise: Boonie hat, Combat shirt, Combat pants, Belt, Zephyr GTX Mid TF hiking boots, Sunglasses, D3 chest rig+zip pouch, Plate carrier, Waist gun holster, HK45 Pistol, Pistol magazine x 2, SEAL PUP M37K knife, CBK Concealed backup knife, Machete, Machete sheath, 1000ml wide mouth bottle, Backpack, Patches x 3, Magazine dump drop pouch, D ring, Collars, Safety lanyard, HK416 assault rifle with 552 Holographic weapon sight, CTR Stock, Angled Fore-Grip, Gun light, PEQ15, rifle sling. Also comes with 416 Magazine x 4

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Kryptek's example of 3-D layering features two levels: shading in the background and sharp random shapes in the foreground. A light-reflecting gradient helps creates a three-dimensional illusion that blends into natural terrain.

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