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Play Toy P003 1/6 Villain "Expendables 2" 12-inch JCVD as Jean Vilain action figure Review III

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In the 2012 American ensemble action film "The Expendables 2", Jean Vilain (Jean-Claude Van Damme) carries a Steyr AUG A3 with an Aimpoint Micro T-1 red dot sight as his primary firearm. JCVD plays the bad guy (antagonist) and as the leader of a criminal organization, arms dealer and mercenary group "The Sangs", he has to face off with Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his team of mercenaries (do-gooders called "The Expendables").

Here's Play Toy P003 1/6th scale The Villain 12-inch figure OR Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD) as Jean Vilain in The Expendables 2 with his black leather coat and Steyr AUG A3 rifle. The 1/6 scale Steyr AUG A3 rifle does not have the red dot sight added. In its place is a sniper's scope and carrying handle.

The Steyr AUG is an Austrian bullpup 5.56mm assault rifle, designed in the 1960s by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch). The AUG (Armee-Universal-Gewehr—"universal army rifle") was adopted by the Austrian Army as the StG 77 (Sturmgewehr 77) in 1978, where it replaced the 7.62mm StG 58 automatic rifle (a licence-built FN FAL). In production since 1978, it is the standard small arm of the Austrian Bundesheer and various national police units. The rifle and its variants have also been adopted by the armed forces of Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Pakistan, and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

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Already covered in my previous review posts HERE (box packaging and contents) and HERE (figure wearing long black coat and armed with his 1/6 scale Colt M1911 pistol), this Play Toy P003 12-inch The Villain figure comes dressed in black leather coat, long sleeve black T-shirt, belt, boots, sunglasses.

Hidden under the coat is his dual pistol shoulder holster for his twin M1911 pistols, and the hunting knife he carries in a sheath hung from his belt. You can see the items in greater detail in my first part review posted on my toy blog HERE.This post is focussed on the figure and his Steyr AUG rifle,

Another 1/6 scale Steyr AUG rifle that has been released came with the Medicom MSFS (Medicom Special Forces Series) Cro-Magnon GEK Cobra 12-inch figure. You can view the pictures HERE

As I mentioned before, I've observed over time that the one outfit that doesn't become outdated is black outfits. As long as 12-inch figures are wearing 1/6 scale black outfits, they will always fit in with any other figure. When 12-inch figures were first released back in the 1960s, G.I. Joe wore Olive Drab basic green uniforms when they went into "battle". Later on, they would be outfitted in camouflaged uniforms of the day / period, from the Woodlands Camouflage for the jungle to Desert Camouflage (two versions were released: six-color Desert Battle Dress Uniform or DBDU, nicknamed the "chocolate chip" pattern and tri-color Desert Camouflage Uniform or DCU). Then there was Multi-Cam and the various digital camouflage patterns, rendering the older patterns obsolete and outdated. But black is always IN and ever current.

This Steyr AUG rifle being fitted with a sniper's scope brings to mind another two one-of-a-kind 1/6 scale sniper rifles I've come across in collecting 12-inch figures: one is the CSM Sniper Rifle with Zoom Scope that came with the Sideshow Collectibles "X Files" Cigarette Smoking Man a.k.a. C.G.B. Spender. The figure was reviewed HERE and pictures of the weapon are posted HERE. The other unique sniper rifle AR-7 sniper rifle that came with the Blue Box International (BBI) "Elite Force: Terminate" Sniper Assassin Lucifer 12-inch figure. You can check out the pictures HERE with updated pictures of Lucifer HERE.

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