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Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12" action figure Review II

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Having taken a closer look at the box packaging and its contents (especially the grapple hook gun) plus a closer look at the Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics Blue & Gray Batman 1/6th scale head sculpt in my part 1 review, I wanted to show the alternate facial expression that is included with this set and how easy it is to switch expressions. I also get to show Batman with his Bat-shurikens and batarang.

We have kind of established that this particular 12-inch Batman figure resembles the HUSH Batman look of the early 2000s with the blue and gray color scheme for the costume based on the "Batman Infographic: Every Significant Bat-Suit Ever Created" posted HERE as well as comparing the particular Bat insignia emblazoned on his chest with all the Batman iconography over 75 years (posted earlier HERE). For me, it's a welcome change from all the 1/6 scale movie versions of Batman we have been seeing who are clad predominantly in black. Hot Toys has released more than two versions of the Christian Bale Batman from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy as well as the 1989 Tim Burton directed Batman film with Michael Keaton as Batman, notwithstanding another 12-inch Michael Keaton Batman figure in the works (from the follow-up film "Batman Returns"). I don't have that many 1/6 scale DC Comics Batman figure in my collection and this particular figure certainly caught my eye and deserves my attention.

Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch figure comes with a new 12-inch fully articulated Batman Body that is quite muscular with bulging biceps, triceps and shoulders and anywhere else muscles can appear which makes Batman look BIG and intimidating so much so you wouldn't want to mess with him if he stands before you. That is a good thing that Sideshow Collectibles did because the DC Comics version of Batman does not have armor or a muscle suit to make him look good (like in the movies). He is just drawn that way. Plus this new body doesn't fall over at a whim, unlike the older bodies which Sideshow used for their Star Wars Clone Troopers.

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Here's Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics Batman Sixth Scale Figure dressed in a hand-tailored blue and grey fabric Batsuit with cape and utility belt with fabric pouches. He is holding on to one Bat shuriken in each hand. Three shurikens are included with this set. 

Sideshow 12-inch Batman comes with extra gloved hands that allow you to switch them so that he can hold his shurikens in this instance. In the previous post HERE, Batman comes with fists and I also showed him holding his grapple hook gun as well. Batman's feet, like the hands, have separate joints so that they can move on their own. So Batman's boots are actually made up of two pieces but painted to match so that they look as one. It certainly helps with the poses. And no weak ankles here, not like before with the other Sideshow 12-inch figure bodies.

One other thing I like about Sideshow's 12-inch figures is that every hand comes with a peg so that it's much easier to switch them each time unlike Hot Toys figures which only have hands (no pegs) and you have to switch the pegs every single time you want to change hands. Seriously, how much does a small peg cost?

Batman's very steady now all thanks to the new body Sideshow is using for this release. No more weak ankles and falling over on a whim.

In the comics, unlike the films, you cannot see Batman's eyes because the cowl contains shifting lenses that identifies suspect's identities, as well as their weak points (through medical records), while simultaneously avoiding the possibility of eye identification. The cowl has special visions, like infrared vision (heat sensors), night vision, and ultraviolet vision. The cowl's visor is also a digital camera for obtaining evidences. That's why Batman has solid white eyes in the comics and animated appearances.

Here's Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch action figure with his Batarang. The Batarang is slightly bigger than the Bat-shurikens. Unlike the shurikens which are like the throwing stars used by ninjas, the Batarang is supposed to operate like a boomerang and return to the owner when thrown.

The picture below shows the alternate facial expression that is included with this Sideshow Collectibles DC Comics Batman figure. It's more of a scowl... a scowl under the cowl LOL.

The scowl is nicely done but I don't really fancy it so let's switch back to the regular no-nonsense grim faced expression. All you have to do is unplug the mouth and put in the other one. Really easy and simple, no fuss whatsoever.

You can order this from Sideshow Collectibles

NEXT: The Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive version of this DC Comics 1/6th scale Blue & Gray Batman 12-inch figure comes with the Brawl Damage Portrait which long-eared mask (Bat cowl). Check out the pictures HERE.


sneaky prawn said...

I like the portrait, suit, and accessories. just wish sideshow had used a different body. Maybe a seamless. Would lose some poseability, but he would have looked amazing.

alex teo said...

Guess Sideshow was going for the comic book Batman look with the muscular body frame befitting of someone without super powers but whose skills were honed through years of training and lifting weights to build strength and endurance.