Thursday, October 2, 2014

Check out this Original Effect 1/6 scale Soul Buster ZhouYu 12" female samurai action figure

Original Effect seems to be on a roll now with their female figure line, especially since they introduced their 12-inch Teenie Body. Their original female figure debuted at 13.5 inches (with heels) and that made them incompatible with most 1/6 scale figures which were 12 inches tall. Given that females are usually shorter than most males, OE's female figures looked like giants when placed next to the standard 12-inch male figures.

Still there were collectors who took a fancy to their figures, me being one of those. I got their very first figure, OE's original Army Attractive series 1/6 scale Viola female action figure. You can read my review with lots of pictures HERE and HERE. I followed that up with OE Killer Instinct series Sam female figure - see my reviews HERE, HERE and HERE, with comparison pictures of Sam and Viola HERE before getting Original Effect OE Killer Instinct series 1/6 scale Righter 13.5" tall female action figure (posted most recently in my toy blog HERE and HERE, with comparison pictures HERE).

Now with their 12-inch Teenie bodies, OE has effectively matched the other 1/6 scale companies' 12-inch female figures in the market. This is their third Teenie Body female figure after Original Effect (OE) Killer Instinct series 1/6 Sophia female figure (posted HERE) and OE 1/6 scale Heyar Adas 12-inch figure from animated Nano Core (previewed HERE)

This will be OE's latest offering: Original Effect 1/6 scale Soul Buster ZhouYu 12-inch female samurai action figure. Scroll down to see all the pictures. Click on them for bigger and better views.

Original Effect OE 1/6 scale Soul Buster ZhouYu 12-inch female samurai action figure features: 1/6 scale Female Head Sculpt (with movable eyes), OE Teenie Body (12-inch), Helmet, ZhouYu’s suit which consists of: underwear, chest armor, skirt, red belt, half-length skirt, shoulder armor, skirt armor, gauntlets, arm guards, knee-lets, and foot armor. Weapon: Katana Sword (comes with scabbard), Optional sword-holding hands (1 pair), Optional clenching hands  (1 pair), Optional normal hands (1 pair), Card game.


puxlavoix said...

As a collector myself I have to admit that I'm very very weak when it comes to figures like this which I knew nothing about until now. How limited was this release? Can't find any on amazon or ebay. Thanks!

alex teo said...

This figure has been released a while ago and was produced based on a pre-order basis which means limited numbers were released.