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Hot Toys MMS158 Sucker Punch 1/6 Jamie Chung as Amber Collectible Figure Review II

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Here's Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS158 Sucker Punch 1/6th scale Amber Collectible Figure wearing her garrison cap and holding her Glock 19 pistol. Having reviewed the box packaging and contents in my part 1 review on my toy blog earlier HERE, Amber just wouldn't look complete without her headset or cap so posted below are more pictures of Hot Toys Sucker Punch Amber figure, the second (and last) figure to be released out of a possible five-member girl group. Hot Toys did it again, just as they did with "Platoon", "Watchmen", "Aliens" etc where they got the movie license and teased us with some figures, made us pre-order and then stopped producing the rest of the figures from the same movie after releasing one or two which means these will always be an incomplete set. Good thing I am not a completist freak who must own every figure of a set or complete a set which in this case is incomplete (two out of five ain't good). So I was able to take these off a collector who was willing to let them go for the price of one figure (two for one are good numbers in my book) - see my post of my September 2014 haul HERE

People collect for different reasons (check out my recent toy blog post HERE on "Why do adults collect toys?") and some of them swear off dolls (like Barbie). I used to be one of those (wanting to remain a manly man who only collects action figures) but these days, the lines are blurred. Hot Toys Sucker Punch Babydoll and Amber are FEMALE action figures although they are dressed very much like dolls (one of the reasons I think Zack Snyder made the film - to be provocative!). Guys generally don't like to be told they collect dolls because that sounds downright sissy but female action figures are okay although there are some who do collect Barbie dolls.

The women in the film underwent extensive training with former Navy SEALs in both weapons handling as well as room clearing techniques. This made the sequences realistic, convincing and believable as the all-girl group tackled German Zombie soldiers in trench warfare, stormed an Orc-infested castle to retrieve two fire-producing crystals from inside a baby dragon, and boarded a train and battled robotic guards to disarm a bomb. In the fantasy sequences, the mix of weaponry in the film spans several decades from the time period of the reality depicted in the film.

It's unfortunate that Hot Toys did not complete this Sucker Punch series and we can bitch about it till no end but on the other hand, I choose to look at what Hot Toys did with these two and the amazing sculpting they accomplished. These may have been released in 2012 but they still look good by today's standards. Check out my review and pictures of  Hot Toys Sucker Punch Babydoll figfure HERE and HERE.

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Amber (Jamie Chung) wears a military green jacket and a pair of military green pants with black belts (with cuts and holes in lots of places), black and white neck strap, a black top (corset) and a pair of black panties with white edges, a pair of fishnet stockings, and a pair of black boots. She has a shoulder holster for her Glock 19 pistol and spare pistol magazines. She also wears a garrison cap which is attached to her head via magnets and pilot's headset.

Close-up pictures of the headset and garrison cap plus lots of exposed flesh on Amber.

Here's Hot Toys MMS158 Sucker Punch 1/6 Jamie Chung as Amber Collectible Figure armed with the Glock 19 pistol. In the film, Amber (Jamie Chung) carries what appears to be Glock 19 pistol as her sidearm. As she seems to always be the pilot in the group, she most likely wouldn't need anything more than this. In the film she is only seen firing it from the cockpit of the bomber to dislodge an Orc.

Hot Toys has also included a 1/6 scale kitchen knife as another weapon for Amber, along with an extra left hand for holding the knife. You can see the pictures HERE.

Closer views of Hot Toys Sucker Punch Amber with pistol. Guess you wouldn't want to pis$ her off.

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