Thursday, October 9, 2014

PLAY TOY P006 1/6 Female Intelligence Agent looks like a 12-inch Baroness of the Cobra kind

"Evil never looked so good!"

In the 2009 military science fiction action film "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra", Sienna Miller portrays The Baroness (Ana Lewis / Anastasia DeCobray), the sister of Cobra Commander and a spy. Miller prepared with four months of weight training, boxing sessions and learned to fire live ammunition, gaining five pounds of muscle. She sprained her wrist after slipping on a rubber bullet while filming a fight scene with Rachel Nichols who plays Scarlett (Shana M. O'Hara).

PLAY TOY upcoming release P006 1/6 Female Intelligence Agent 12-inch action figure which looks to be based on Sienna Miller as The Baroness will come with the following features: 1.6 scale female head sculpt, 12-inch female figure body, black leather outfit comprising bodysuit, leather pants plus boots, belt, wrist gauntlets x 2, holsters x 2, sunglasses, shooting glasses, Pulse Blasters x 2 + an extra hand

This isn't the first 12-inch Sienna Miller as The Baroness femme fatale figure. Hasbro released a 1/6 scale Baroness figure back in 2009 (reviewed on my toy blog HERE and HERE when the movie came out). Sideshow Collectibles has also released a 1/6 scale COBRA The Baroness 12-inch femme fatale figure (see the preview pictures HERE). This figure is interesting and is NOT branded as a Baroness figure but a Female Intelligence Agent.

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