Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater by Medicom

Medicom did such a great job with MGS3: Snake Eater in 2004 that there was an overwhelming demand for "Naked Snake", so much so that they decided to issue more versions of "Snake" in 2005. This was also a limited 1000 pc production and came in a much bigger box - surprise inside!

Box opened to reveal "Naked Snake" in "Snake Camouflage" BDU, an extra weapon and a Crocodile's head!

Snake now has an eye-patch and some paint on his face which is described on the box flap as "Splitter" (perhaps they meant "splinter"?)

Naked Snake is now also armed with an M16 assault rifle with suppressor

His CQC knife

His .45 pistol holstered

Naked Snake with his "Croc cap" - looks like a disguise to sneak up on his enemy when approaching via water.

UPDATE: In order to minimize visibility, the player in the game "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater" must switch between different camouflage uniforms and face paints to blend in with the environment; for example, wearing a bark-patterned uniform while leaning against a tree, or wearing striped face paint while hiding in tall grass. Other devices for camouflage, such as a fake Gavial head to decrease chances of being detected in water, are also available.


The Croc (fake Gavial) head is very well sculpted

UPDATE January 29, 2010: I didn't have to pay USD300 bucks for this figure - that would be too much!!


Anonymous said...

nah, it IS called SPLITTER in the game.

alex teo said...

Thanks for clearing that up :)

Anonymous said...

What does the writing say on the black part of the sleeves? The picture of the .45 holstered is a tiny bit blurry in that area.

Unknown said...

want plz

alex teo said...

go buy :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Where can i buy one of these MGS Snake eater i want to know im looking to buy one can u respond back asap? :-) and give me the link.

alex teo said...

you can try e-bay - i found this link

SolidSnake015 said...

i don't have 400$ bro lol i wish though

alex teo said...

Hi SolidSnake015, it didn't cost that much when it was first released which was when i got mine but as the demand way exceeded the supply, prices just skyrocketed! some of the figures are like that which is why some people invest in toys :) thanks much for looking.

SolidSnake015 said...

can i get one for under 100$ ?? i really want one and they are sweet!