Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SDU Breacher by Hot Toys

Breacher with CT100E Ear Defender headset connected to walkie-talkie with throat microphone and AC100/1 helmet

His MP5A SMG with double-clip magazine (note his "battle-damaged" arms - that's what happens to the muscle bodies after a while)

His RCA protective gasmask and breaching tools - sledge hammer, crowbar, Halligan tool (also has battering ram)

His other stuff - Glock 17 pistol in drop-down holster, mace spray, M9 bayonet in scabbard, heavy duty flashlight, tactical goggles, gasmask bag, three different types of grenades


Shaun said...

hey Alex, how old are these figs? Do you experience problems with the newer muscular bodies cracking as well? Would you consider upgrading the bodies? Really a waste for a very nice toy.

alex teo said...

hi Shaun, these were bought in 2003. My Hot Toys DEVGRU bought at the same time is also experiencing the same cracks. Probably will be upgrading the bodies in the near future. Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Year Year Got Fish :)

Shaun said...

thanks for the info Alex. Really bad news about the bodies. Hope the second gen bodies hold out better. Happy CNY to you and your family too.