Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bad Boys II (2003)

This movie (a sequel to the 1995 film "Bad Boys") starred Will Smith as Police Detective Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence as Police Detective Marcus Burnett of the Tactical Narcotics Team (TNT), Miami Police Department. This movie was simply mind-blowing; the action sequence never stops as the two detectives stumble from one action scene to another, culminating in a military style assault on the Cuban drug kingpin's mansion/hideout.

Dragon released this boxed set of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in 2003. Dragon used their muscle bodies as they were both attired in these outfits in the assault on the Cuban mansion. What was interesting was the different skin tones for both of them - that was a nice touch of authenticity.


DJTEAZER said...

I still have these boxed figures. I bought most of the "movie" inspired figures from Dragon when they came out. Never thought to open the boxes and customize their gaud awful plastic gear, though.

alex teo said...

Ha! Ha! They were good when they were first released eons ago. 1/6 standards have improved much since then, DJTEAZER or should it be LAPD-SWAT? anyway, thanks for looking.