Tuesday, February 12, 2008

US Navy SEAL Team 6 HALO Jumper

From the past to the present - Hot Toys US Navy SEAL Team 6 HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Jumper from 2001. This was one of the first highly detailed figure from Hot Toys and would propel the company into the limelight of 1:6 Collectibles. Hot Toys also produced the Green Beret HALO set which Dragon tried to match but for me, this was the one.

Like Dick "Rogue Warrior" Marcinko said, "Half the fun is getting there!" and it was certainly fun putting all his gear together, getting this SEAL fully loaded and ready to kick some tango a$$.

GENTEX helmet with visor, goggles, M97/A1C headset microphone, gas mask and oxygen tanks, LAR-V "Horse Collar" life preserver, Draeger LAR-V rebreather unit, TAC-200 Combat swim board, waterproof pack

Laser Target Designator, Depth Guage, Altimeter

SCUBAPRO jet dive fins, OCEANWAY dive mask

M4 Combat Knife and Mk13 signal flare

SCUBA diving suit with hood, strobe light

HALO parachute pack and harness with working buckles, including quick release catch

MP5K PDW SMG with suppressor

More pictures of SEALs here and here


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, just give me the fins and I will be happy.

I love those black classic fins.

alex teo said...

ha! ha! without the fins, this SEAL can't get very far :)