Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CIA Operative in Afghanistan, 2001

Hot Toys does some great stuff and this is but one of them - a Central Intelligence Agency operative from the Special Activities Division in Afghanistan in 2001. Obviously not doing any sightseeing.

Eric Bana (he played Sergeant First Class Norm 'Hoot' Gibson in "Black Hawk Down [2001]" based on real Delta Force operator Norm 'Hoot' Hooten and also Bruce Banner in the Ang Lee directed "Hulk (2003)" headsculpt?!

He came with tons of accessories and is armed with the AKMS with GP25 grenade launcher plus M9 pistol in holster

His Camelbak with LST-5C SATCOM

His Camera

His SONY WAIO laptop and digital camcorder

Soldier Story's 1/6 scale CIA SAD Night Ops


Shaun said...

Thanks for taking pix of this fig Alex, seems the Dr Figure Navy Seal rips this figure off alot. Think the Camel Backpack rocks. Looking forward to more Hot Toys fig pix from you.

alex teo said...

Hey Shaun, thanks for looking :) will definitely post more Hot Toys pixs as I blog. Cheerio