Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Special Duties Unit - SDU, The Final Option (1994)

Hong Kong's elite paramilitary unit, nicknamed "Flying Tigers", modelled after and trained by the british SAS before the handover back to China in 1997. The unit became famous/popular after "The Final Option" movie came out in Hong Kong in 1994 starring Michael Wong as a harsh but firm leader of the unit.

These SDU figures ("Assaulter" and "Breacher") by Hot Toys in 2003 have the muscle bodies which have very limited articulation. I think they are too bulky for the SDU; US Navy SEAL maybe but asians aren't built like bulldozers LOL!!

SDU "Assaulter"

The Avon SF10 Respirator with AN-PVS17 NVD - very NICE!!

Also has multi-purpose tool and three types of grenade

SDU Leader, LT Stone Wong


Joshua said...

good lord..what happened to the arm of the muscular body??!?

how long does HT's muscular body lasts before it starts degrading or cracking??

i'm worried cauz dutch figures are muscular body..

alex teo said...

hi Josua, these were Hot Toys' "prototype" i.e. first generation muscle bodies and they crack up over time. they also suffered from very limited articulation - same with their first DEVGRU figures; Dragon's USMC "Russell" wasn't spared either :( thankfully, the later versions seem to have not suffered this same cracking issue - Hot Toys Rambo figure and Dragon's Bad Boys II figures have withstood the test of time.... so far

Anonymous said...

hi...can you tell me about when the 8" SDU vinyl toys were made. ta

alex teo said...

hi, not sure what you are asking? pardon my ignorance but i am not aware of any 8" SDU vinyl toys