Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Millennium Falcon Legacy Collection

The one ship all Star Wars fans know instantly and the only Millennium Falcon a Star Wars collector ever needs - Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon! It's more than thirty years late (Star Wars: A New Hope [Episode IV] came out in 1977) but it's worth the wait. Measuring 2ft (more than 60cm) wide and more than 21/2ft (80cm) long, it is huge and it is GOOD!! I don't own that many Star Wars vehicles (one of those that I do own is the AT-AT Imperial Walker) because I decided a long time ago to concentrate on the 1/6 scale figures with their authentic cloth costumes and very detailed accessories but this was one Star Wars vehicle I wasn't going to miss out on.

We love this vehicle so much the wife and I went out and bought a new coffee table for the Falcon to sit on. The coffee table, with its circular metal frame and clear glass top even looks like a hangar deck or landing/take-off pad. It had to be big enough to accommodate the Falcon and now takes pride and place in our living room.

Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian in the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament and together with his buddy, Chewbacca used it to transport Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker and his two droids to Alderaan. And the rest, as they say, is Star Wars history!!

The cockpit, closed.

Cockpit with Han and Chewie (included)

The interior lights up with accompanying sounds when you press a button to start up the engine. There's even a "fail" mode where the engine cranks but doesn't start up, like an old car on a cold morning.

The cockpit seats four

The hidden blaster canon, only used when the Falcon is on the ground

Laser canon deployed

Sensor dish or sensor rectenna or radar dish - you rotate it by turning the knob (seen at the bottom right hand corner)

The heat exhaust vents hide the battery compartment. This time, all the exterior parts are molded and painted - no stickers required

Top view of the Falcon

Top covers removed to access interior

Close-up view of the detailed interior

The interior has opening doors, lowering ramp and hidden compartments - all accurately reproduced, so unlike the old Falcon

The main hold with Dejarik table (comes with playing pieces resembling creatures from throughout the galaxy) and training probe (connected to the radar dish and rotates when the dish is turned)

The Dejarik table lights up with sound and dialogue

The Millennium Falcon docked with ramp up

When you press the button located on the starboard port docking ring or loading port, the ramp lowers with lights and sound effects - way COOL!!

View from lowered ramp

The Quad-laser canon gunport turret controls

Another view of the quad-laser canon controls located below the dorsal quad-laser canons as well as a view of the very detailed interiors

Ventral quad-laser canons

Portside loading port or port docking ring holds a surprise

It opens with sound and reveals a mini fighter (not featured in the movie nor in any official blueprints of the Millennium Falcon - purely for play value)

The Millennium Falcon lifting off!! There are lots of light and sound effects plus movie dialogue accompanying this ship that brings back memories. If it was just lying there, it'll be a model kit. The fact that it has all these goodies makes it one heck of a toy and the ultimate Star Wars vehicle to date IMHO

"She may not look like much, but she's got what it counts, kid."

There's also a review by Heroes producer Jesse Alexander (it convinced me to get mine!)

Updated December 19, 2008: The Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon makes it to the 2008 Top 10 Fave Toys list (No. 8)

Updated September 19, 2009: "Training on the Falcon" boxed set

Updated September 20, 2009: All Aboard the Millennium Falcon


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I admit this is a very nice piece to a Star Wars fan..So envy you man!!

alex teo said...

Thanks desmond. Actually it's good the Ultimate Millennium Falcon came out at this time (when I have the purchasing power), otherwise it'll really have passed me by. I seriously doubt parents would've bought this for their kids, more like adult collectors buying it for themselves. Two things held me back at first - Price and Size! Now that's solved :)

cosmicbaby said...

"when I have the purchasing power"?!?! you mean there were times tat The Power failed you? Parents dont buy toys for kids anymore, they just bring their kids to ToyRus & rip open the toys without paying & play with it there over the weekend!

alex teo said...

Ha! Ha! Perhaps thirty years ago when the first wave came out - all I could do was "stop and stare", no purchasing power then. Very keen observation about ToysRus - so true - I always wonder how they can last so long?!

Anonymous said...

Alex, Agreed with you. Nowadays Star Wars stuff are like collectible items. Not for kids at all. You are too humble..If you have 2000 12inch figures, I think this shouldn't been a problem to you..Haha!!

Shaun said...

nice close up pix and cool review, my guru.

alex teo said...

Hi desmond, the part about 2,000 12inch figures was misquoted lah

thanks shaun, this falcon just needed to be shared and other than a video, this was the best way to spread the poison, er I meant passion - ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

omg! i have this set & training on the falcon, but when i put things in the main box thing they fell down a hole in it. has this happened to anyone else?

alex teo said...

Hi not sure what you meant by "fell down a hole in it". Check out my post (link here: to see the figures displayed in the falcon :> CHEERS

fannthom said...

Hi,i recently bought the legacy millennium falcon. It is really huge!!!With alot of gimmicks. But there's some issue with the cockpit. The cockpit cover is slight mis-aligned upon closing on the cockpit. Just curious, does your millennium falcon have the same problem?

alex teo said...

Hi, when I first got mine, the cockpit cover also looked like it was misaligned. But after taking it off and putting it back in, it was OK. Just needs a little jiggling :) CHEERS

One Shot said...

I used to stare and stare at the huge box this came in at TRU, it was 150.00 bucks but always went on sale for 99.00 bucks and I would walk around holding it but never got it. I wish I had (seriously though, no room to display the big vehicles) One of the better pieces I think "Hasbroken" did. Very cool indeed!

alex teo said...

yes George, this for me is the ultimate star wars vehicle. The latest AT-AT is also pretty amazing but this one will do for me and I'm very happy with it CHEERS

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know where i can get parts for this.

alex teo said...

Hi, I'm afraid I haven't a clue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ cheers

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to know is this you? on gumtree selling your Falcon?
Or a fake seller posing as you?

alex teo said... is a faker who has taken pictures from another person's blog site and posted them as their own and that is a violation of copyright laws! Original pictures belonging to TOYHAVEN -

Thanks for the heads up

Unknown said...

Have to say that it looks amazing. I have got one but unfortunately it's missing a few parts, can anyone recommend somewhere where I can get spares for it in the UK?