Saturday, June 14, 2008

24th Regiment of Foot Colour Sergeant

This was covered earlier under the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, but now is posted under "Keeping up with the Jones 2" coz the familiar face under the helmet is none other than Henry Jones Snr (Sean Connery). Senior Jones is a pretty busy man, first a Knight Hospitaller, now a British Army Sergeant. Very good likeness from Dragon.

Dragon did some great stuff then, daring to venture into other eras and making some great figures, not simply rehashing parts and putting them out as they do now.

The attention to detail is amazing, with each part expertly crafted and put together. The scarlet tunic and Oxford mix trousers are of the highest quality in  terms of material and stitching.

Some very sharp eyed collectors/historians have pointed out that the locket buckle is of the officer's pattern and not an NCO's

Water bottle of that era - probably contained liquor as we have so often seen in the movies - to keep warm at night whilst on guard duty

Bayonet for close quarter fighting

After the decimation of the 24th Regiment of Foot soldiers by 20,000 Zulus at Isandlwana camp, the 100+ soldiers at Rorke's Drift repelled 4,000 Zulu warriors on 22 January 1879. The Regiment was awarded 11 Victoria Crosses, the most ever received in a single action by a regiment in the British Army. There's also Private Williams by DiD bearing Michael Caine's head sculpt.

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