Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Masked Rider No. 1 The Next version

The one that started it all - Masked Rider No. 1 which by the sequel, has endured some battle damage. I've already covered this earlier, but he just deserves another post.

The box he comes in. Here's another quandary collectors face - do you throw the box or keep it? If we keep every box of every toy, then that's gonna take up precious space rightfully deserved for new toys. I do keep the nicer boxes (Medicom's, Hot Toys', Takara's) stashed away in the store-room coz it's still quite painful to just chuck them away. Also, the toys/figures can go back into the boxes once the toys overflow, thereby protecting said toy and allowing a rotation basis for display (like how Rafael "Rafa" Benítez rotates his Liverpool players - ha! ha!)

Masked Rider No. 1 The Next comes with two pairs of spare gloves and a pair of spare antenna

Check out the lens/eyes on the head/helmet plus the cool extra detail etching

Kamen Riders group shot


BigHatDino said...

Dead jealous that you have the Kamen Rider No.1 The Next - it's an excellent looking figure, and much nicer then the No.2 or No.3.

With regard to boxes, I never liked to keep them but, with expensive figures like Medicom's RAH line and Hot Toys figures, I've found myself keeping the boxes and the plastic packaging, so now I have loads of loft space taken up by empty boxes, rather than flat pieces of card.

There must be another, more reasonable, way of handling these things, but I'm damned if I know what it is!!

alex teo said...

Hi bighatdino, thanks for visiting :) I'm glad I managed to snag Rider 1 too coz when I first saw the preview pictures, I really wanted it in my collection. These second generation riders are way cooler than the earlier versions. Welcome to the club when it comes to boxes. Drop me a note when you've discovered an ingenious way to store them without taking up precious space.