Friday, June 13, 2008

Knight Hospitaller by Ignite

This post can also be called "Keeping up with the Jones". Now we have Henry Jones Snr, father of Indiana Jones. While waiting for the Medicom version to be released, there have been quite a few figures produced with senior Jones' head sculpt (Sean Connery, also famous for being Bond). The problem is finding the clothes to fit to make a senior Jones in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". This is a knight of the "Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem", also known as a Hospitaller, who fought in the Crusades.

Interestingly, Sean Connery acted as King Richard, who returns from the Crusades and blesses the marriage of Robin and Marian in the 1991 movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves".

The Crusader helmet was a flat-topped "pot helm", with a hinged visor covering the face, a standard headgear of Christian knights.

A closer look of the die-cast helmet by Ignite

The detailed embroidery of the lion is really very nice, so's the shield. Unfortunately, the sword looks "plasticky".

He even has spurs


Anonymous said...

hospitaller knights had black cloathing with a white cross... not red cloathing with a lion, that was england ;)

Anonymous said...

That´s coat of arms of the kingdom of Bohemia (present day Czech Republic) Hospitallers had black later red tunic with white cross..england three golden lions on the red background

Henric said...

Not England, that's a gold lion without a crown.

Not Bohemia, has to have two tails.

Not French, missing a sign on the lion's chest

Not Montfort

Nearly Bronckhorst, only the tongue is painted in a wrong color. See graafschap-middeleeuwen - Bronckhorst.


alex teo said...

Thanks :) guess the manufacturers didn't know their history very much

Gilgamesh said...

I do not think this is a case of the manufacturers not knowing their history. Hospitaller had two uniforms, one red with a white cross and one black with a white cross. However, knights belonging to these orders didn't always where this uniforms, but their own family colours (similar to how Brian du Bois Gilbert does in 'Ivanhoe' despite being a templar... this is accurate) and thus the knight here is wearing his family heraldry despite being a member of the hospitaller order. His coat of arms is fictional (which I prefer, though I would like a very realistic William Marshal) but most similar to Brockhorst or the Anglo-Norman Delavach (though I believe they have a blue tongue).

Gilgamesh said...

Also the uniform of the English crusaders wasn't three lions, that was simply the arms of the Angevin kings of England.

alex teo said...

Thanks do much Gilgamesh for the update :) very much appreciated. Cheers