Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whipping Indiana Jones by Hasbro

The silhouette shot really looks promising - cue soundtrack/theme in the background

Similar looking box as Talking Indy

I like that Hasbro did some weathering to this version - the sweat stains look convincing. Fedora's stuck to his head, no jacket, no golden idol but has his sling bag.

"Yee-hah, cowboy!"

Pressing the button on his back releases his whip with sound effect (makes me think of "Temple of Doom" when the high priest plunges a pin into the back of a voodoo doll of Indy, causing him excruciating pain)

All that whipping action is really hard work - Indy's sweating buckets

A much better head sculpt - but why did they have to mould him with his hat stuck on?


Dash MacBastard said...

I just put my order in for this one here...

alex teo said...

thanks dash, I pre-ordered mine too :) and also getting the sideshow one as well