Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kubrick Marvels

Marvel Superheroes by Medicom Kubrick, starting with Silver Surfer, Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, Black Costume Spider-Man (also Secret Wars Spider-Man) and Venom

Original Spider-Man, Carnage, Scarlet Spider, Exclamation Mark guy with three eyes (exclusive with Kubrick catalogue/book - a gift) and Daredevil (movie version)

Daredevil (movie version), Daredevil, Punisher (at least two film versions have come out with a third on the way), Iron Man and Captain America

Minimate Captain America with removable mask and Hobgoblin with Glider

Professor Xavier or Prof X, minimate Thunderbird (John Proudstar, apache) first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975) - the "Second Genesis" group of X-Men but died on their second mission, Jean Grey, Mimic, minimate Cyclops, Cyclops, X-Factor Havok, minimate Storm and white Storm

Minimate Colossus, Colossus, Apocalypse (hidden), minimate Wolverine, Wolverine, Omega Red, minimate Nightcrawler, Nightcrawler and Iceman

Gambit, Juggernaut (hidden), minimate Doctor Doom, Doctor Doom, Magneto and X-suit Wolverine

One more time, with gusto, say "Stan Lee!" Interestingly, DC doesn't have a person you can credit for creating its universe

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BigHatDino said...

The three eyed character was designed by Pete Fowler for Medicom's Kubrick guides (they had two editions, one silver with a Kubrick and surfboard, the other gold with this Kubrick). Also, it didn't originally come with the exclamation mark - that was designed for the Metal Gear Solid line, so your MGS guards could look like they do in the game :)

alex teo said...

Thanks for the heads up :) I have the surfer dude too but he didn't come out in the pictures, being way back in the line-up between daredevil and punisher - you can see him in the group picture. That clears up the air for me, appreciate the comment and thanks for looking.