Thursday, June 26, 2008

CY Girl Mystere by BBi

TRINITY she is not but certainly the inspiration came from there. Released by BBI in 2008, Cy Girl Mystere is supposed to be a stealth operative highly trained in covert tactics and extended operations. Not too sure what BBI meant by "extended operations" - looking at her, I can only think they meant she'll take a long time coming ;p

From the look of her outfit, she is certainly dressed to kill and her victims probably died happy. Her tight outfit certainly plays up her assets and we can confirm that she may be blond but she's no barbie!! Incidentally, I believe Michelle Pfeiffer was the first to put on the tight fitting outfit as Catwoman in Batman Returns.

I love the look they gave her - blond hair, blue eyes, hot lips - very nice headsculpt

What prompted me to get this figure was her accessories - haven't seen the HK MP7 released anywhere else. She also has a deadly curved dagger, shades and a mouthpiece/mask. The thingie at the bottom right is a layer of clothing which I removed from her outfit. It is sort of a leather underwear worn on the outside, like what a dominatrix, S&M (sado-masochistic) type of chick would wear. Didn't look good on her and made her hips look bigger/fat (taboo word for the ladies) so I took it off. There was also a long chain with an occult looking pendant plus an additional skull and bones pendant included - not too keen on those, looked tacky.

Heckler & Koch HK MP7A1 SMG submachine gun/personal defense weapon (PDW) with shoulder stock and foregrip retracted in top picture and extended in firing position in the bottom picture, as well as collimating sight installed on top rail, tactical light attached on the side and suppressor, with two 20 and two 40-round magazines. Problem is, her hands are way too small to hold the gun properly but I guess she doesn't need it coz she can kill her victims the way Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp did it in GoldenEye - crushing them between her strong thighs, what a way to go :)

Mystere with her shades and mask on

Personally, I much prefer to see her full face


Anonymous said...

Strange release. You'd think it had something to do with bondage. And the mask makes that purpose even more relevant! ahaha

alex teo said...

I really like her head sculpt, much better than Takara's Cool Girls. The outfit's rather nice except for the 'thong' and her weapons and accessories are quite cool too :) S&M is definitely implied

Unknown said...

I have one this. And really a nice action figure. But her clothes are problem because have a bad quality.