Friday, June 6, 2008

Doctor Doom by Toy Biz

With a name like Victor von Doom, it seems that one is destined to be a villian. Victor is Reed Richards' rival and after a failed experiment which blows up and disfigures him, Victor goes about to cast his distinctive mask and armour, and sets out to dominate the world, as well as destroy Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four whom he blames for his disfigurement.

In the Fantastic Four movie, Doctor Doom is played by Julian McMahon, best known for the womanizing plastic surgeon Christian Troy on the TV show Nip/Tuck. Irony strikes again - Christian Troy could have done a restorative face job on Victor von Doom, thus saving the world a lot of grief - ha! ha!

Toy Biz did quite a nice job on Doom

Doom comes with removable hood and cape

Problem is, his armour suit is actually made of soft flexible rubber so although the body beneath the suit is articulated, the rubber prevents him from holding any pose - bummer!


andres said...

I just bought this toy today, its one of the coolest action figures ive ever owned i plan to collect more, i found him at a antique store, you said you ordered him, from what website or address? i would love to get my hands on some more of them. Great pictures btw :)

alex teo said...

Hi andres, glad you like him too ;) actually, i didn't say i ordered him - i bought it off the shelf when it was first released years ago.

i found some on e-bay if you're interested -