Saturday, February 7, 2009

Christian Bale as John Connor, Terminator Salvation

With Hot Toys releasing pictures of their first item from their Terminator Salvation product lineup being a Terminator Factory T700 Diorama (see post here) and not a 1/6 scale figure, I decided I couldn't wait for Hot Toys anymore; so I decided to kitbash my own version of Christian Bale as John Connor from Terminator Salvation.

John Connor is the leader of the human resistance movement known as Tech-Com that fights to destroy Skynet, the supercomputer mainframe of the machines that have dedicated themselves to the eradication of humanity. In Terminator Salvation, Christian Bale portrays John Connor around the year 2018, as a thirtysomething-year old battle-experienced Tech-Com soldier married to Kate Brewster (played by Claire Danes in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines). It will also feature a new character named Marcus Wright and the younger Kyle Reese character, who was played by Michael Biehn in the original movie.

This 1/6 scale 12-inch kitbash of Christian Bale as John Connor from Terminator Salvation is not meant to be screen accurate but just a quick bash put together in less than 30 minutes, just for the fun of it :) Hope you all enjoy the pictures

A teaser picture of John Connor showed him armed with a M4 carbine with the XM26-LSS (Lightweight Shotgun System). John Connor was also seen with a Heckler & Koch HK416 with 14.5 inch barrel which was derived from the M4A1. Delta replaced its M4s with the HK416 in 2004 after tests revealed that the piston operating system significantly reduces malfunctions while increasing the life of parts. No 1/6 scale HK416 is available yet though :(

The underslung shotgun has a detachable magazine with rounds

I also switched weapons and included shots of Christian Bale as John Connor with the Heckler & Koch (H&K) G-36 assault rifle. IMHO this weapon looks more high tech when compared to the M4 as Terminator Salvation is set in the future.

Another view of the H&K G-36 assault rifle

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Anonymous said...

good job.
where did you get that Bale's head? I'd love to see Bale's Dark Knight head on it...the proportion might be better.

Anonymous said...

Alex, same question here??

alex teo said...

hi guys, bale's crew cut head sculpt came from Hot Toys USMC 3rd Infantry in Fallujah M249 Gunner which came out way before Hot Toys did Bruce Wayne.

hey swoo, Bale's Dark Knight head has way too much hair on him which wasn't how he looked like in Terminator Salvation. That's why i didn't use that particular head. thanks for looking ;)

BigHatDino said...

Looks perfect to me :)

alex teo said...

hey dash, fortunately there was no bale out although i was extremely careful when adjusting the lights and trying my best not to be in the scene and his line of sight. Didn't want to trash his scene, just in case ;p

alex teo said...

thanks bighatdino, for the vote of confidence :>