Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III - Part III

This is the third part of my review of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 scale 12-inch Iron Man Mark III. I certainly had a lot of fun posing him and taking pictures. This figure certainly has all the cool factors going for it starting with the box (yup! the box design and packaging deserves some mention) followed by Hot Toys' fantastic sculpting and detailing in keeping with screen accuracy, all the light-up features (WOW!) whilst still maintaining quite a fair amount of articulation (it's an armor figure, people and most of the things done on screen was computer generated. I seriously doubt an actual Iron Man can accomplish the things Iron Man did - it's a movie and make believe at that. On the other hand, Batman is completely based on a true story and everything's real ;p)

So on with the show: Hot Toys Iron Man preparing for take-off

Lights ON! Iron Man takes flight

Iron Man blasting off!

Close-up view of his light-up eyes and the miniature "arc reactor" embedded in his chest

Now a view of his feet/boots. Hot Toys forgot to light these up - such a pity :(

The repulsor rays from his hands help Iron Man fly

A side view of Iron Man in flight

"Who am I? I'm Iron Man!" oops! wrong movie

This shot shows how the calf armor opens

The whole calf area on both legs can be opened to reveal hydraulics (listed as "leg missiles" by Hot Toys - can't seem to find any "missile")

Here's a view from the side

I wanted to show all the opening, movable parts and flaps on Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III's feet/boots alone.

Now onto Iron Man's back armor

Not only is it superbly detailed, all the flaps open. These were used to help Iron Man slow down during flight, acting as brakes. Yet when the flaps stay down, they do not make Iron Man's back look weird, deformed or distorted. Beautifully executed by Hot Toys.

A side view of all the flaps opened

Hot Toys Iron Man has landed!

Preparing to launch forearm missiles

Stage 1 - top pops up!

Stage 2 - sides slide open

Stage 3 - missiles away!

Remember to order your Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I now!

Iron Man Mark 1 12-inch Figure


cosmicbaby said...

You must really luv tis 1 to have a 3 parter! Fantastic picts & review (x3)!

alex teo said...

Thanks for the compliments Marcus :) I've been a long time Iron Man fan so watching the movie was great but having this figure is even better. I've been waiting to see Iron Man being realized in 1/6 scale (Marvel Legends don't cut it) and to be done in such fine form is really NICE!!

Bracken said...

ah! well worth the wait i can imagine...

the detail just goes on and on and on...

alex teo said...

Aye, me matey Bracken, tis a treasure to behold. As for the details, I really liked the movie version because of all the lines and layers. The rendition in the early comic version is much simpler and cleaner, more of a classic look & feel compared to this sophisticated version ;>

Anonymous said...

Shit Hottoys! my ironman's forearm missiles stand is damn loose. Can't pose the angles that I want. Also, that part is really fragile. I am not that lucky as you are, bro!!

alex teo said...

sorry to hear that desmond :( i always thought that Hot Toys quality control was much better than that. i've been quite pleased with all my hot toys purchases.

Anonymous said...

Haiz! Sometimes buying toys also depend on individual's luck. Cos we only see the actual product after open up the box..

alex teo said...

too true :( bo pian... C'est la vie

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to buy the hasbro ironman prototype action figure with the snap on armor never opened it has been hand signed by jon favreau and robert downey jr also comes with signed poster. Have pictures. I got them signed while he was doing the premeire in south korea army post yongsan. please email me at

Korndamned said...

hai. need help here. how do you get arm missiles up? somehow, my missiles face backwards. any kind souls please email

maybe i don't understand the manual or don't dare to turn the missiles around or something.

alex teo said...

hi korndamned, you have to flip the missiles forward as they are now facing backwards.

Korndamned said...

thank you sir. i just need to double/triple confirm because i'm afraid the missiles might just ahem.... break when i flip them. nice blog you have here.

alex teo said...

u r welcome & thanks for the compliments :)

Anonymous said...

hellow, im looking to purchase a descent nice iron man under 200$ for my newphew. any ideal where i can get one ? thanks! i have been to PS top level, a couple of toy shop there, but kinda pricey.. so hoping u can point me in the right direction

alex teo said...

you have to look for the HASBRO Marvel Iron Man 12-inch figure if you want to find one that is cheap OR get the carded ones which are 3 3/4 inches. PS top level is very niche and expensive because the rent is high. try China Square Central where there are two levels of toy shops selling all kinds of toys there. also if you can wait, go on Sundays when they have a flea market where many more stalls are set up by people who are selling their personal collections - much cheaper then if you can strike a good bargain CHEERS