Thursday, February 5, 2009

Verbal Bale Hurls at Shane Hurlbut

Terminator Salvation is coming out soon and already there's publicity surrounding the lead actor Christian Bale. He hurled verbal abuse at cinematographer Shane Hurlbut during the filming on the set of the upcoming movie. He used the F-word 36 times in four minutes. The man is intense!! Can you blame him? After the demise of Gotham's white knight Harvey Dent, he has to be the Dark Knight that Gotham needs. As John Connor, he's mankind's last hope against Skynet and the machines. 

This incident happened last July on the set at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico and only now the audio gets leaked onto the Internet, just before the release of the film. Coincidence or conspiracy or just a stunt for free publicity? It's certainly making airtime all over the world and drawing attention for the fourth film in the Terminator movie franchise.

Check out the audio version of his Bale-listic Rant here


Bracken said...

That was the greatest piece of audio I have heard for a while.

Bale is one of the only people I know that can give the F-word any potency.

Did you listen to 'Bale Out'?

alex teo said...

Bale Out - RevoLucian's Christian Bale Remix is, for lack of a better word, F***ING GOOD :)