Friday, February 13, 2009

Private Military Contractor "Tom"

A private military company or Private Military Contractors (PMC) provide specialized expertise or services of a military nature, sometimes called or classified as mercenary ("soldiers for hire"). They are usually personnel with specialized operational and tactical skills, which often include combat experience. Their presence in Iraq came to light when on March 31, 2004, four American private contractors belonging to the company Blackwater USA were killed by citizens of Fallujah as they drove through the town. They were dragged from their car in one of the most violent attacks on US citizens in the conflict. Following the attack, an angry mob mutilated and burned the bodies, dragging them through the streets before they were hung on a bridge.

Many 1/6 manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and released PMCs left, right and center. Brothers Production recently released their version of a 1/6 scale 12-inch Private Military Contractor figure with a certain likeness of a Hollywood actor. So I give you PMC "Tom".

Brothers Production Private Military Contractor (PMC) figure comes with shades, tactical gloves, vest, waist belt with suspender, repelling harness, PCU pants and boots

Load carrier with three yellow smoke grenades

Tactical Holster Platform for his M9 pistol (essentially a military specification Beretta 92F)

Tom with his PCU jacket and pants. The Special Operations Forces - Protective Combat Uniform (SOF-PCU) was specifically designed for Special Operation Forces in response to a need for lighter and warmer apparel that was also fast drying. The soft shell fabric jacket and pants are made with fibers encapsulated with silicone that are highly stretchable, windproof, water repellant and breathable.

Brothers Production "Tom Cruise" head sculpt - IMHO one of the best likeness, especially with shades on because Tom Cruise does not have blue eyes

Tom with shades, radio headset/earpiece and adopting his Mission Impossible Force Ethan Hunt pose

His weapon of choice - the Mk.16 SCAR with suppressor and under barrel grenade launcher. Unlike Hot Toys' version which had a lot of moving parts (see review here), this one is just one solid piece, no foldable butt stock nor sights

Brothers Production PMC "Tom" fully decked out in his gear, inlcuding load bearing vest

Another view of his SCAR Mk16 with under barrel grenade launcher

"Tom" wears Snake assault vest to put all his spare gear

Although cast as a single piece/mould, the Scar Mk16 with 40mm grenade launcher still looks NICE

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV - he'll disavow all knowledge of the couch jumping incident on Oprah if you bring it up ;p

Also included: Notebook PC/laptop computer and wrist watch

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corsetkitten (aka Erica) said...

Nice score--looks like a good figure.
I'm not entirely certain that he's a spot on likeness for Cruise. (eye color not withstanding) I think that he looks more like John Cusack (with maybe a few tweaks--so its like a cruise-cusack hybrid?

here's a pair of pics to show you what I mean.

The similarity seems (to me) most in the mouth/lips deepset eyes and wonky nose.
(just my opinion though)

It's a nice figure, and has some nifty accessories. That laptop looks awesome. Do you know if the head will fit on a Hot Toys body?

Joshua said...

i concur with corsetkitten!

though there's a slight resemblence..his cheek structure seems to be a slightly different from cruise's making him look like someone else...nothing toy rhinoplasty can't fix! LAWL

alex teo said...

Hi Erica WELCOME! I couldn't see Cusack in there but then I don't have the eyes for these things ;p I believe you can fit the head on a Hot Toys body with some modifications because the neck post is the one with a sort of arrowhead, not ball joint like the usual, so the hole for attaching the head is rather small.

Hey Joshua, not onto RHINOplasty - sounds painful LOL ;D

Anonymous said...

The prototype headsculpt is Tom Cruise but it's totally a different sculpt when seeing the actual product. Not worth making preorder for Brothers Production figures. Must see actual products before buying it next time.