Sunday, February 15, 2009

World War II US Air Crew

Since I was cleaning my shelves, I decided to take another group picture of my 1/6 collection of 12-inch American air crew of World War II. After all, military figures were the reason I picked up this 1/6 obssession. Most of us grew up with toys bought for us by our parents, uncles and aunts but soon outgrew them and moved on. I still remember the micronauts and vintage Star Wars action figures I had a long time ago.

The Batman Animated series carded figures rekindled my interest in toys (hence my first post) but it wasn't until I laid eyes on Action Man did I see the fine details of the uniforms and accessories plus the articulation that was possible. That began my quest for 1/6 military figures and became what it is today.

From left to right: The Flying Tigers (also known as Fei Hu) was the nickname of the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) that operated within the Chinese Air Force in 1941 and 1942.
There's also B-17 Bomber Captain "Skip" (more pictures here), US Army Air Corps Captain, B-17 "Memphis Belle" pilot and B-17 waist gunner (full pictures here), AVG pilot "Ben Cole" and P-40 pilot "George Taylor" (review here)

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