Sunday, February 22, 2009

USMC 1st MSOB by Soldier Story - Preview

Perhaps these guys will also be in Afghanistan (part of the 17,000 US troops heading there - see previous post) - USMC 1st MSOB (Marine Special Operations Battalion) wearing tan CIRAS vest and M4 with Magpul PMAGS. Check out the lights on the M4 - a first in 1/6 scale by Soldier Story.

Set includes: Marine FROG Shirt, MCCU Pants with Belt, MCCU Helmet Cover, CIRAS Land Version Vest, MLCS Shooter Kit Belt, MLCS Admin Pouch, MLCS Direct Action Triple M4 Mag Pouch, MLCS Double Pistol Pouch x 2, MBITR Radio Pouch, MLCS Hydration Cover & Tube, Recon Dump Pouch, MLCS Frag Grenades Pouch x 2, MLCS Waist Bag, Utili-Shingle Stackable Pocket, Combat Casualty Response Kit, PS150 Gloves, CIRAS Sling, Tactical Retention Lanyard, USMC Boots, Flag Patch x 2, MICH 2000 Helmet, NVG Mount, Tan ESS Goggles, SORDIN Headset, MBITR Radio, CQC Pistol Holster, CQC MagPouch x 2, M4 Rifle, M4 Mag x 3+1, M1911 MARSOC Pistol, M1911 Pistol Mag x 3+1, MK3A2 Hand Granade x 2, M18 Smoke Grenades x 2 (Red & Green), Plastic Cuffs x 2, CB(CG)Buckle, EMT Shears, Watch, Hands X 1 Pair and S2 Body

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