Sunday, March 8, 2009

Star Wars Endor Rebel Infantry by Sideshow

In "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)", the Rebel Alliance decide to form a strike team to take out the shield generator on the fourth moon of Endor in order to deactivate the shield surrounding the second Death Star if the Rebel fleet is to have any chance of getting near to destroy it. The strike team comprises Luke, Leia, Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 and the Rebel Commandos in jungle camouflage for their mission.

Sideshow released this 1/6 scale 12-inch Endor Rebel Infantry with Endor Rebel Commando helmet, Undershirt, Vest with rank bar on left shoulder, Hooded Anorak, Detailed belt with several pouches, Bandolier featuring special ops equipment, Endor Rebel Commando hard-pack, pants, tactical boots with gator wraps and armed with a BlasTech A-295 blaster rifle with sling. Strange that the rebels bother to camouflage themselves in the jungle but the Imperial forces continue wearing WHITE armor in the jungles of Endor - talk about standing out! Maybe it's because the Galactic Empire thought itself invulnerable at that point. In Episode III, on Kashyyyk, Commander Gree and his clone troopers wore armor with jungle camouflage when they fought alongside the wookies on their homeworld which was being overrun by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Endor Rebel Infantry Commando by Sideshow in full gear

Endor Rebel Strike Team Commando with his helmet, Hooded Anorak, Bandolier featuring special ops equipment and utility pouch carried at the side

Close-up view of his Blastech A-295 blaster rifle with sling. The BlasTech A-295 blaster rifle was the Rebel soldier's main combat rifle. It had a fully automatic mode, with the ability to switch to a unique charged-shot mode. A short range scope could also be attached. Cheap and reliable, this was the ideal weapon for the ragtag soldiers and mercenaries that used them.

Another view of the Endor Rebel Commando helmet

The unique cloth pouch he carries, a little bit like the bread bag carried by the Germans in World War II

Another view of the Rebel Alliance's Blastech A-295 blaster rifle

A close-up view of his hard pack

Blastech A-295 blaster rifle with sling. The BlasTech A-295 blaster rifle movie prop was built from a World War II-era German StG44 Sturmgewehr rifle.

The rather unique Rebel Commando helmet with hole on top

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