Tuesday, March 17, 2009

US$317,200 comic book!

It sold for 10 US cents when it was published in June 1938.

As reported in The Sunday Times on Sunday March 15, 2009, a rare copy of the first Superman comic book (Action Comics Number 1) was sold for a whopping US$317,200 (S$527,964) at an auction last Friday. Who says collecting comics is not a worthwhile investment? And this during the global financial crisis!!!

So hold on to your collectibles. Maybe one day it could reap you rewards beyond your wildest dreams - ha! ha! Most importantly, just enjoy your collection :) If you are happy with your purchase, just be content and don't feel lousy when down the road, the price is lower than what you'd paid for. If you were satisfied with the price of the collectible and were willing to part with good money for it, then that's the value you place on that figure. If you aren't happy, don't buy lah - that's my philosophy ;D

Maybe this Superman would be worth something someday - ha! ha! Imagine if they had released a Christopher Reeve Superman i.e. the Original, can you imagine what he'll be worth now?

For more pictures of him and Clark Kent, check out the link here

For a view of the "World's Finest" i.e. Superman and Batman, click here


Mizu said...

Is that the first edition HT Superman? I missed that one, but I picked up Clark Kent, and later the 2-in-1 Supe. :D

Would be nice if they're worth something, I'm keeping most of my stuff mint in box anyway cuz I don't have enough space to display everything, hehe.

cosmicbaby said...

Honestly, there is no global financial crisis, is all made up by the gov in the world to sack people & cut workers wages!

The Rebel said...

Good one Alex! Now you've made me feel a LOT better havin busloads of comics at my house...hehe.

Yup, cosmicbaby..... WHAT global financial crisis? u got a point thr......

alex teo said...

hi michelle, this is the 2-in-1 :) click here for the first edition.

hey marcus you're RIGHT! there's no financial crisis!! over the weekend, the IT show netted a record $59 million in sales, even higher than previous years. And people are going holidays on credit - LOL!!

rebel, it's nice to know the comics we have stashed up might be worth something someday ;> even the toys too - you never know