Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Star Wars Speeder Bike by Hasbro

Speeder bikes, also known as hover bikes, are open-air repulsorlift vehicles and can maneuver deftly over very rough terrain. The Imperial scout troopers used the 74-Z speeder bike which were capable of reaching speeds up to and beyond five hundred kilometers per hour, and had a flight ceiling of twenty-five meters.

The highly maneuverable vehicles were equipped with sensor and communications devices located between the handlebars, including a comlink and a comlink-jamming device. They were armed with a forward rotating blaster cannon for combat. They were also equipped with a very powerful boost that could propel them over vast distances in a shorter amount of time.

Schematic of 74-Z Imperial speeder bike

1/6 model of 74-Z speeder bike by Hasbro, released in 2000

Directional steering vanes and terrain sensor located in front of the speeder bike with outriggers linking to the maneuvering control unit

Maneuver controls

Control panel, handlebars for speed control and seat with poncho stashed at the rear

The power cell and repulsorlift engine located under the seat and cargo compartment

Forward rotating blaster cannon

Another view of the directional steering vanes

Undercarriage with altitude controls foot pedals at the sides

Every bike needs its rider - click here for Star Wars Imperial Scout Trooper riding Speeder Bike in the forest planet of Endor

Scout Tooper Premium Format Figure


cosmicbaby said...

There are days when I regret sellin off my speeder bike (like a day & a half in every 365). I guess it is one of the nicest thing HasBroken ever made! Maybe I will buy another when Hot Toys make it!

alex teo said...

Hot Toys version will probably cost a bomb if they ever make one - ha! ha! HasBroken's version is not hard brittle plastic and thus very durable - very good play value and was quite affordable :) One of their better products