Sunday, March 22, 2009

Medicom Ultraman Leo

Ultraman Leo (ウルトラマンレオ Urutoraman Reo) series, produced by Tsuburaya Productions aired between April 12, 1974 to March 28, 1975 was the 7th show in the Ultra Series (one of the prominent and popular tokusatsu superhero genre productions from Japan which started with Ultra Q in 1966, Ultraman from 1966-1967, Ultra Seven from 1967-1968, Return of Ultraman or Kaettekita Ultraman, aka Ultraman Jack from 1971-1972, Ultraman Ace from 1972-1973, Ultraman Taro from 1973-1974 and Ultraman Leo from 1974-1975) and would be the last of the golden age of the Ultra Series.

Medicom recently released this 12-inch Ultraman Leo. There hasn't been that many articulated and costumed Ultraman Leo in the past. Takara did release a Henshin Cyborg Ultraman Leo in the 1970s and I think that's about it. So this recent release is indeed a nice addition to the Ultraman family of Ultra Beings (check out this link for a glimpse of some of them).

Medicom included three pairs of extra hands for posing Ultraman Leo in his various signature poses

The red suit is pretty much the same as Medicom's Ultraman Taro's (see post here) so we'll look at the head which is distinctly different

As the box description states: Perfect realization of the impressive mask shape (dummy head included)!

Ultraman Leo comes from Nebula L-77 (Leo constellation or the Galactic Lion System in constellation L77 - that's the symbol/emblem on his chest) and takes the human form of Gen Ohtori. Interestingly, the series starts with Ultra Seven in episode 1 who gets his leg broken by Maguma-seijin or Magma with his two "pet monsters", the Red and Black Gillas. Ultraman Leo arrives to drive them off and tend to Ultra Seven. Ultra Seven is confined to his human form Dan Moroboshi due to his injuries and the fact that the Ultra Eye was destroyed. Dan becomes captain of the MAC (Monster Attacking Crew) and mentors as well as trains Gen/Ultraman Leo.

Ultraman Leo's chest piece with blue color timer is also faithfully reproduced as well

Medicom's 12-inch Ultraman Leo comes equipped with a nunchaku like Bruce Lee. These are the "chimney nunchucks" as seen on screen. His nunchucks seem to be taken from Singapore's Senoko Power Station's distinct red and white twin chimneys - LOL!

Chest piece is aesthetically reproduced with inner armor, says so on the box

The band he wears on his left arm hides the Ultra Mant which is a multi-purpose cape given to him by Ultraman King in Episode 26 (a total of 51 episodes were aired). The Mant can make monsters smaller and can turn into an umbrella (yup! you read it right - UMBRELLA, in case he has to fight monsters under the rain - ha! ha!)

Looking just at the horns on his head from the back and side, it seems that the creator drew inspiration from the Triceratops dinosaur

Ultraman Leo has a twin brother Astra who roams the galaxy very near Earth and comes to assist Leo in his battles. Together they deliver the Ultra Double Flasher, a devastating beam energy attack. Astra appears to be a mail-away piece together with Ultraman Leo's human form, Gen Ohtori in his garish looking MAC uniform. (see the other Ultra support teams by checking out an earlier post here)


Shaun said...

"Together they deliver the Ultra Double Flasher, a devastating beam energy attack." That sounds like a very cool move, my Guru!

Anonymous said...

Wow this figure looks great!! Btw how much does this figure cost? i've been a fan of ultraman and i just found out that they have such nice 12 inch figures!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is definitely a great improvement around the neck joint of the suit as compared to your Medicom RAH ultraman series. This looks good!!

kenmoo said...

yea, i got this as well from TFH. This figure is quite impressive from will be mailaway ASTRA and then Ultraman Father :)

alex teo said...

yo shaun, sounds like "Wonder Twins Activate!" to me - ;D

hey jem, you can try e-bay (if you are local, then try The Falcon's Hangar - see the link on my page - BEST place for toys and collectibles!!)

hi desmond, hi ken - with Medicom releasing all these figures, finally can complete my Ultraman collection from the Showa era :)