Friday, March 13, 2009

Johnny be GOOD!!

An update from my earlier post with official full body pictures of Christian Bale as John Connor. Get ready to be BLOWN AWAY!!! Hot Toys 1/6 scale 12-inch Terminator Salvation John Connor will come with his leather jacket, Tiger stripes pants, T-shirt, Tactical full body harness, Headset, Radio with pouch, M4 magazine pouches, Pistol Magazine pouch, Demolition blocks, Drop leg panel, Armband, Patch, Assault boots, Tactical gloves and armed with M4A1 with tactical red dot sight and under barrel XM-26 LSS (Lightweight Shotgun System), Line launcher (don't know what it is but sounds interesting), Pistol with holster and Tactical fixed blade (check out his right wrist in the close-up shot!)


This was the old post: Better late than never :) the head sculpt released of Hot Toys John Connor just blows - if only it came with a voice box that hurls verbal abuse like what he did on the set during filming (link here) - LOL!

I think the right words should be: "This is John Connor. If you are listening [to] this, you are the Resistance." and not "you are the resistant" which sounds like you need WD40. Reminds me of another character who puts out a radio transmission everyday hoping that he's not the last human being on Earth - (click here if you want to know who he is)

I expected his outfit to be black in color to go with the stealth theme but brown leather is still GOOD - at least it isn't a rehash outfit but a customised one. Wonder why then that the later resistance soldiers wore green instead, like Kyle Reese in his Tech-Com gear in "Terminator (1984)" - link here

The pictures released and movie trailer shows him wearing black, or maybe that's after weathering which means we have to get our Kiwi shoe polish ready for some serious weathering when we get our hands on the figure.

So get yours today and join the Resistance! Click on the pix below

T-600 Poseable Model Kit - Sideshow Exclusive

UPDATED August 30, 2009 - Hot Toys 1/6 scale Collector's Edition MMS95 Terminator Salvation John Connor product in hand pictures and REVIEW here


Anonymous said...

Johnny be GOOD!!

Michel VO Takahashi said...

This action figure is fantastic!!
Looks real!!
I can´t wait to buy this one for my collection!!

alex teo said...

hey parkzz, hi michel van opstal - Hot Toys John Connor is really looking mighty FINE!! Damn Fine Job by Hot Toys - as long as they keep rolling these quality products out, we'll just keep digging deeper into our wallets - poor but happy ;>