Friday, March 27, 2009

Medicom RAH Captain Harlock - seeing double

As promised, we can now compare the two Captain Harlocks released by Medicom. Let's see if Medicom has indeed improved on the first version (see post here) after more than ten years (full review of new version here). First, let's compare heads. Definite improvement - more anime with better and more defined hair sculpt (can even do GATSBY commercial - those are real funny ;>)

Next we'll take a look at the different body types as Medicom has created a new taller and skinnier body for the new RAH Captain Harlock from Galaxy Express 999.

Notice the height difference. Maybe they can use this new body to make a Medicom Chewbacca from Star Wars - that'll go well with their version of Han Solo. Now that's a brainwave - if only they listen to us - one can only hope.

Old Captain Harlock, Space Pirate

New Captain Harlock, Space Pirate from Galaxy Express 999

Now with their mantles (capes) on!

The new Captain Harlock's mantle (cape) is way better

The improved outfit and accessories including weapons of the latest Medicom Captain Harlock far outshine the older first version.

Comparison of the boots

The verdict is in - the new Medicom RAH Captain Harlock ROCKS!!


Anonymous said...

The latest version is definitely better :P

BigHatDino said...

The difference is remarkable. It's nice that he can now tower over regular 1/6 figures, Matsumoto has always drawn him as an imposingly tall character.

And yeah, the slim frame should mean they can put on a slightly padded Wookie suit, that's an awesome idea - you should seriously write to Medicom with that one! :)

alex teo said...

hi desmond :) yup! i like it a lot

thanks bighatdino, for the vote of confidence - if only Medicom would listen and give us what we are all craving for