Friday, March 13, 2009

Steel Rain

In yesterday's Straits Times, it was reported that India is expected to buy Singapore howitzers. This is the Pegasus 155mm lightweight and self-propelled howitzer developed and produced by ST Kinetics. The Pegasus 155mm howitzer is the world's first self-propelled, heli-portable heavy artillery. It weighs 5.4 tonnes, is 10 metres long and can fire three rounds in 24 seconds! The value of the contract is believed to be about $1 billion for 145 pieces of the ultra-lightweight 155mm cannons.

Why am I bringing this up? I'm just collecting all the information available about the Singapore Armed Forces' high-tech arsenal which are making waves internationally because coming from a tiny red dot on the global map, it's certainly IMPRESSIVE and I'm damn proud of it :)


cosmicbaby said...

So soon one can find more weapons of mAss destruction on this small red dot vs in Iraq?

alex teo said...

They still can't find the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq - LOL!! The closest George Bush came to were a pair of shoes thrown at him during a press conference :D