Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Top Ten Fave Toys Countdown 4

Continuing my countdown of top 10 favorites of 2009 (see previous post)

Number THREE (3) - Hot Toys First Predator is the second runner-up on my 2009 top 10 list. I'm glad Hot Toys picked the "Aliens vs Predator" movie to start on their 1:6 scale 14-inch Predator figure. That way, they could fine-tune and improve on the Predator alien so that when they finally decided to release the first Predator, it would be the BEST Predator of them all.

For those of us who have been waiting a LONG time for 1:6 scaled figures from the "Predator (1987)" movie, 2009 turned out to be a good good year. Hot Toys not only released the 14-inch Predator alien, we also got a 12-inch MAJOR Alan "Dutch" Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Private Billy Sole (Sonny Landham) as well.

Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer with Arnold Schwarzenegger's likeness (more pictures HERE)

Hot Toys Collector's Edition MMS73 (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6 12-inch Action Figure Private Billy Sole (full review HERE)

And the highly anticipated 1:6 scale 14-inch Predator from the first "Predator" movie, comes with removable mask (hunting helmet/Bio Mask) and light-up laser, interchangeable mandibles, highly detailed medical kit and lots of other cool stuff (check out this link)

Number TWO (2) - Hot Toys DX01 Joker almost makes it to the top of my 2009 top 10 list. After giving us the original Heath Ledger Joker from "The Dark Knight" followed by the exceptional Bank Robber Joker last year (they made it to Number THREE on my 2008 Top 10), Hot Toys managed to follow up with their DX (DeluXe) Joker which was not ONE but TWO Jokers and Hot Toys outdid themselves with the DX01.

Hot Toys MMS DX01 P.E.R.S. (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System) Joker Review HERE

More pictures of Hot Toys MMS DX01 Cop JOKER HERE

2009 also saw release of Hot Toys Harvey Dent/Two Face and the Nurse Joker outfit with accessories. 2010 will start with DX02 Dark Knight Batman and that about completes the picture, I think. Don't see how much more milk Hot Toys can squeeze out of this cash cow (TDK movie merchandising license).

Detailed pictures of the Nurse Joker outfit HERE

Number ONE (1) - Hot Toys Iron Man Mark I . That shouldn't be a surprise to collectors out there and I'm quite sure it made into the number ONE spot for others as well. What bowled me over was the amount of thinking and design that went into creating the Mark I armor for Tony Stark. The Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III armor was NICE but we know that there really isn't a 1:6 body inside that armor suit.

As for the Mark I, you know that underneath the "armor", there's a full figure of Tony Stark, not just a head. If you really strip off the armor which I strongly suggest against doing, you'll get Tony Stark as he appeared in the cave where he was kept a prisoner. To realize it in 1:6 scale without making him look too bulky or obese is no easy feat indeed. That and the fact that you can still get quite a fair bit of articulation without that much restriction nor small parts falling off from moving the joints around. Plus he lights up too!

Hot Toys MMS80 Iron Man Mark I has amazing details

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III is equally awesome

And then there's Tony Stark and Obadiah Stane

It's already 2010 (Twenty-Ten) and if you'd told me at the beginning of the millennium (Year 2000) that toys (now termed "Collectibles" since there's an ever growing niche market among adult collectors) would become so sophisticated, realistic (skin tones, minute details in the outfits and accessories) and cool, I wouldn't have believed it. I've been collecting for way more than ten years and things are looking better and better in the 1:6 scale horizon! Exciting times ahead ;p


Yee said...

I am inspired by your year end countdown to actually sit down and look through my collection on what I have bought this year and which makes into my own top 10 :) It was a great 2009 to speak and it will be greater if I have a fatter pay cheque and a bigger house to keep up. Happy new year my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Collectors, the accessories for "collectibles" include $$$ and space. Let's keep our eyes on how the products further excel. Happ new year !

Anonymous said...

I missed out on these Iron Mens and Predator's :)
But there still the battle damaged version! So good things come to those who wait? :) or not really! (how to get the Predator nowadays!):P

alex teo said...

hey yee, a few of us get together every year-end and compare top ten lists, just for fun and also a way of reflecting how the year went in terms of collection. we all want bigger pay cheques for more toys - ha! ha! happy new year to you too :)

all the best with your collection AL cheers

deSMOnd said...

Bro, we are having the same ranking for top 1 and top 3 items. Same thought we have afterall :P

alex teo said...

ha! ha! great minds think alike