Friday, January 22, 2010

Mahathir: 9-11 attacks staged

It was reported in The Straits Times yesterday: According to Malaysia's former premier Mahathir Mohamad, he claimed that the September 11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 could have been 'staged' as an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim world.

In his own words (as quoted), "In September 2001, the World Trade Center was attacked allegedly by terrorists. I am not sure now that Muslim terrorists carried out these attacks. There is evidence that the attacks were staged. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything," the former prime minister told a press conference here yesterday after delivering his speech at the General Conference for the Support of Al-Quds to aid the Palestinians.

He said killing innocent people to provide an excuse for war was not new to the US.

"But whether real or staged, the 9/11 attacks have served the United States and Western countries well. They have an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim world," he added.

One thing's for sure - James Cameron's 2009 science fiction epic film "Avatar" certainly made a deep impression on Mahathir. Within three weeks of the film's release, it had grossed over $1 billion worldwide, becoming the second highest-grossing film of all time, exceeded only by Cameron's previous film Titanic. Estimates put the cost of the film at about $280–310 million to produce and an estimated $150 million for marketing.

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Anonymous said...

controversial and delicate topic...
well nowadays people do use/manipulate other people to accomplish thier selfish goals.
but what is new under the sun, its been like that since the dawn of man's history.
I would look forward to that 2012 thing, hoping it will be a global event of change in man's heart and lead to a new age of proseperity and peace! and more fun time collecting than waging wars instead. :) peace dudes!

alex teo said...

yup AL people should put aside their petty differences and embrace peace :) quite insensitive to say that the whole thing was staged as the victim's loved ones are still trying to cope with the loss of their loved ones and that's REAL

Jay said...

Wow. Having been to the WTC site both before and after the attack I can tell you that nothing was staged. I know of at least 2 people in NYC that day--one of them left one of the building 30 minutes before that attack and lost many coworkers and friends. There's no way that was a "special effect".

alex teo said...

Hi Jay, my thoughts exactly. How can a former Prime Minister come out and say such things and make such sweeping statements when the whole world can see for themselves the tragedy unfolding before their very eyes. I was pissed that someone of his stature could make such insensitive and false accusations.