Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soldier Story CIA SAD Night Ops Ver 2.0 Preview

It seems like black ops in the "in" thing for now (as it was last year) and will continue into 2010. Lots of 1:6 manufacturers are churning out black ops guys - the most recent preview was the TTL Toys City 1:6 CIA Quick Reaction Force operator with Zachary Quinto head sculpt (he plays Sylar in the "Heroes" TV series and Spock in the recent "Star Trek" movie) and Soldier Story is throwing in one of their own.

This is Soldier Story's CIA SAD Night Ops version 2.0 figure. Soldier Story had released the 1:6 scale CIA Special Activities Divison (SAD) Night Ops version 1 around November 2008 and it had a head sculpt that bore a resemblance to Israeli actor Oded Fehr. Check out the full review HERE.

This new set comes with an all new black assault vest that carries everything under the sun (or in this case, moon), including large size cable/wire cutters. His outfit includes the 1:6 Crye Precision style pants with built in knee pads. This guy also has a ton of weaponry - two Beretta pistols, one tactical shotgun and one tactical G-36 Assault Rifle with EOTech Sights and silencer. Most Impressive!

This latest CIA SAD Night Ops figure to be released will make a good addition and partner to the previous version. This one comes with a "Gerard Butler in need of a good dentist" head sculpt. Sure there is some resemblance but what's with the teeth? I would have preferred him with his mouth closed.

This CIA SAD Night Ops version 2.0 by Soldier Story comes with lots of gear and accessories. Soldier Story doesn't disappoint here

UPDATE May 15, 2010: Soldier Story 1/6 scale 12-inch CIA SAD Night Ops Ver 2.0 pictures in hand - is the actual product as good as the prototype / preview pictures? Check it out HERE


BigHatDino said...

Weird figure. I mean, it looks great with the exception of a couple of really odd things:

The skull balaclava looks fat. How do you have a fat skull? :)

The gurning look on his face. It's nice they've tried something different, but it just looks silly :(

It's a shame as the rest of the kit is amazing.

desmond said...

Yes, I prefer the figure with mouth closed :) But the rest are great!!

rarra said...

Hi Alex, I am a long time reader of your blog, but this is the first time I make a comment. By the way, I love your blog, and you have been several times the deciding factor on my decision to buy a figure. The original CIA SAD Night Ops., is a good example, I didn't know it existed until I saw your review and blew me away. Bought it instantly on ebay, and am very happy with it. I think the face sculpt, although very similar to actor Oded Fehr, I think it is not up to Hot Toys standards. But it doesn't matter, since when you put the baclava on, he looks perfect, he looks badass.

A version 2.0 really caught my attention, (even made me leave a comment), but you are right, what happened with the smirk, or smile, or whatever you want to call it. I really would have preferred if the mouth was closed, since it really looks like a cool sculpt. I also think that the head is a little small compared to the body. My other complaint is the baclava. What happened there? looks like a bib... like another commentator said... a fat skull.

Again thanks for your work, and happy collecting.

The Rebel said...

Hey thr Alex...a random question on Soldier Story's product: can a DiD/HT head fit into the Soldier Story nude body? I kinda want to replace my WW2 2nd Ranger's head...with DiD's Capt Miller coming out soon.

alex teo said...

hi guys, everybody agrees that the skull scarf doesn't look as good as the skull balaclava. i guess Soldier Story is trying to do something different from the version 1.0 CIA SAD. The skull gloves are GREAT though, as are all the other parts on this set.

i think we have to purchase a skull balaclava separately to complete the look. it'll also cover up the face

thanks carlos, for your encouraging words and compliments. always nice when someone leaves a comment; it's like a reinforcement that what i'm doing is touching someone - ha! ha! i'm glad the reviews as well as previews help. on my part, i just want to share the passion :)

all the manufactures are coming out with a CIA SAD Figure in the next three months: Very Hot, TTL, Dr Figures and now Soldier Story.

hey rebel, from what i've been reading on the 1:6 forums, the new Soldier Story body has the solid neck that is incompatible with everything except the newest Soldier Story heads.

As for DiD Captain Miller, i'm getting him complete even though i already have the Dragon version as the DiD version seems to be the ULTIMATE 1:6 Tom Hanks as Saving Private Ryan Captain Miller of them all ;p

Anonymous said...

it's not a balaclava, it's a scarf.
i would suggest you to get a skull balaclava and put it on it's head or better still glue it on to prevent your eyes from getting sore... ha ha ha

alex teo said...

That's what I said, "The scarf doesn't work as well as the balaclava in version 1.0."

It seems that you are the one with the sore eyes... ha ha ha back at you >_<

Anonymous said...

whoa! dude! AWESOME! I've been trying to get hold of one but it seems everywhere is sold out. can't even pre-order. can anyone help me out? bwaaaaa