Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wild Work 1/6 US Navy SEAL Uniform Set Preview

From a cat (see previous post) to a tiger (Tiger stripes, that is). Wild Work gives us a preview of their next uniform set - the US Navy SEAL in desert tigerstripe camouflage uniform. US Special Operations Forces such as the US Navy SEALs and the Green Berets are still using Tigerstripe camouflage in operations in Afghanistan, and it has proved itself to be very effective for this type of environment. A disadvantage vs. digital patterns is the fact it has no camouflage against infrared where all digital camouflages do.

This Set comes with Tiger Stripe Fatigues, Tan T-Shirt, Leather Hiking Boots, Tactical Helmet, SCAR Rifle, RX4 Rifle, Oakley Gloved Hands, 3-Day Pack, Pistol with Drop Down Holster, IFAK Subload, Plate Carrier System, Kneepads, PALS Padded Belt, PALS Fanny Pack, General Admin Pouch, FUGLY Admin Pouch, M4 Mag Triple Pouch, Radio with Headset and Pouch, Triple Pistol Mag Pouch, Double Pistol Mag Pouch, Large Horizontal GP Pouch, Medium GP Pouch and Patches

NOTE: This set does NOT include the figure, only the uniform and accessories

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