Thursday, January 7, 2010

Very Hot US Army Future Combat System Multicam & ACU

There's no letup with all the new release announcements since the beginning of the year. Here's another one, this time by Very Hot.

Very Hot is also jumping on the FCS bandwagon and launching not one but two new sets - the US Army Future Combat Systems Uniform Set - in experimental CP camouflage pattern and ACU (Army Combat Uniform). The sets are supposed to be based on the earlier stages of the Army's Future Warrior program but look a lot like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) video game, especially the helmet that the set comes with.

Multicam CP Set includes: CP Jacket, CP Pants, Future Warrior Helmet, Tan Tactical Boots (molded), SCAR Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher, MK 11 Mod 1 Style Sniper Rifle, Body Armor System with Shoulder Armor, Backpack with Rifle Harness, Rifle Mag Pouches (x4), Pistol Mag Pouches (x3), PALS Belt, Radio and Pouch, Pistol and Belt Holster, Leg PALS Subload, Lightsticks (x2), Zip Ties (x2), Sunglasses, Tactical Gloved Hands (pair), Carabiners (x2), Rifle Mags (x4), Pistol Mags (x3), Rifle Grenade Pouch (x2), General Purpose Pouch, General Purpose Pouch with PALS, Hand Grenade Pouch (x2)

The ACU version has the same items and accessories except they are all in ACU camouflage pattern.

Note: No figure will be included - these preview pictures with the figure are meant for display purposes.

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