Friday, January 29, 2010

Bruce Wayne to Batman by Mattel

Having seen The Batman by Mattel in the previous post, here's a look at the man under the mask. In the first season of "The Batman", Bruce Wayne (voiced by Rino Romano) is 26 years old and in his third year as the Batman, protector of Gotham City.

Animated Bruce doesn't look anything like Christian Bale Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins (2005)" but I did like this new animation style they used for this series although Bruce's chin looks a wee bit too sharp IMHO.

Mattel Bruce Wayne comes in basic black body suit before his transformation into Batman

Accessories for Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman include his cowl with cape, snap on belt, gloves and boots. I would have much preferred it if these had come in black instead of blue.

Bruce also comes with a ULTRA BIG batarang, which fits in his hand. It's asymmetrical in shape and looks almost like a sickle.

Mattel Bruce Wayne in Batman outfit with his enormous batarang, ready to cut villains down to size

The snap on accessories appear oversized but because this is more of a toy based on an animated series, the exaggerated look does come across nicely. My only qualm is the color. Black would have been better and might even work better too because it won't over emphasize the difference and might help blend everything in nicely.

Hmmm... Anybody out there know what kind of paint works well with this type of soft rubber and plastic. Will those spray paint used for wall graffiti work? Perhaps it's time for a new paint job.

The Batman cowl helps to hide Bruce Wayne's sharp chin and Bruce does looks better with the mask on. There have been many Bruce Wayne figures with removable Bat cowl and not all of them pulled it off nicely due to scale reasons but this one actually works well

The add-on cowl is big, as can be expected for a figure of this scale and size, and looks more like a helmet but I dig the RoboCop-like look it has given this Batman

To quote RoboCop: [after shooting perp in groin] "Your move, creep."

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Dash MacBastard said...

You're right. He doesn't look a thing like Bale.
He does remind me a bit of an animated version of George Clooney though.

alex teo said...

George Clooney Batman?!! That will mean adding nipples to the batsuit Ha! Ha!

alex teo said...


Cracked said...

the scuplt job on the toy is great...I liked the animation of the series, tho I think they took too many liberties with the Batman mythos and ultimately changed his motivation. I have to say this incarnation is my least favorite and sadly it did not produce many interesting or cool toys. :(

Julius Caesar said...

I own this toy is cool

alex teo said...

i think so too >_< thanks for looking