Friday, January 8, 2010

A case of two Léons and one Wasabi

Here's a look at some 1:6 Jean Reno head sculpts. I know there's at least one more out there by Hot Toys. The Hot Toys Jean Reno head sculpt was part of their GIGN - Assault Team Leader box set

With the latest Heroic "Perfection Killer" added (full review HERE),

now there are two 1:6 Léons (pictures of the kitbash version HERE)

and one Hubert Fiorentini in the house :) Jean Reno played the part of Hubert Fiorentini, a commisaire of the French Police in the movie "Wasabi (2001)" written and produced by Luc Besson and also starring Michel Muller (as his former intelligence colleague Momo) and Ryoko Hirosue (as his daughter Yumi). Michel Muller as Momo is just hilarious.

In France it was released as "Wasabi, la petite moutarde qui monte au nez" ("Wasabi, the little mustard that gets right up your nose" - obviously referring to the title character as he wrecks havoc in Tokyo, Japan).

More pictures of Dragon 1:6 Hubert Fiorentini (Jean Reno) HERE

The name of the movie itself is the biggest plot hole. Hubert had supposedly spent 8 months in Japan some 19 years before where he met and fell in love with Miko, yet almost three quarters into the movie he eats Wasabi and asks Momo: "What is this stuff?" It is nearly impossible for someone to live in Japan for 8 months and cook Japanese cuisine without being introduced to wasabi.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." In this case, since Hubert is in Tokyo, it means he should soak in the culture and eat Japanese food. So for 1:6 Hubert, he has to settle for 1:6 scale food stuff provided by Rement - LOL

The 1:6 milk cartons are so much better than the one produced by Heroic (see my post HERE) and the Mayo bottle is something a lot of us in Singapore can identify with.

He's got cheese, eggs, cup noodles, bread, buns, six pack of Japanese canned beer and potato chips to go with them :)


LEon said...

You have raise a good point regarding Wasabi movie loop hole. I like that movie as well. The food for the toys are awesome.

alex teo said...

hi LEon, i enjoyed the movie even tho the loophole was so glaring. i like the 1:6 food too :> props courtesy of the wife

Anonymous said...

Nice food on G.I. Joe's MacArthur field desk ! Dragon's headsulp bears the highest degree of likeness.

alex teo said...

ha! ha! i got the desk from the G.I. Joe Pearl Harbor Electronic Diamond Head Invasion Alert set. Hasbro obviously rehashed their 1:6 accessories

Sad that Dragon dropped out of the 1:6 market :( they were giving us a lot of great stuff

Anonymous said...

Dragon should withdraw from the 1/6 market. Over the recent years, they lacked innovation, being excessively stuck to the one-size-fits-all strategy (ie. slightly different costumes for the the same / similar figures). Jus wonder why they don't move beyond the WWII product range to cover the modern forces. The last decade witnessed "survival of the fittest". The next to follow the path of Dragon will be BBI !!!

Shaun said...

Did you buy new lights my Guru? Pix getting better and better!

alex teo said...

i meant the Dragon from before, not the limping crawling weak Dragon re-hashing all the old stuff :)

hey Shaun, everything same same >_< just thot i'll try a different background. glad you like it

desmond said...

Bro, your rement food is realistic. But the current rement products are smaller than 1/6 scale. Quite sad!!