Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How2work Albert Einstein Figure

Came across this figure of Albert Einstein by How2work. Albert Einstein is often regarded as the father of modern physics and most famous for the equation "E=mc2". Einstein's equation showed that Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared.

I'm not familiar at all with Einstein except his famous equation but I thought this figure is worth taking a look at. They should have included another head sculpt of Einstein sticking his tongue out ;p

In the 1994 romantic comedy film "I.Q.", Albert Einstein (Walter Matthau) is portrayed as a fun loving genius who along with his mischievous friends Nathan, Kurt and Boris, attempt to help Ed (Tim Robbins) look and sound more like a scientist (i.e. a wunderkind in physics) in order to impress Catherine (Meg Ryan), his niece while at the same time trying to convince her that life is not all about the mind but about the heart as well.

Word is that this will be a May 2010 release (at least for JP market) and retail at around US$100. For that price, they should have included more accessories.


Anonymous said...

H2W's standard markup is USD 100 (same price for Lenin in 2007). The box set may be just what we see here. It is not likely that much accessories will be included.

Anonymous said...

Nice sculpt. I kind of like this figure! Maybe all the accessories for this figure is inside his head! hehe.
Hope the H2W quality is good.

desmond said...

The sculpt is good..

Covenant said...

OMG!! Just what I've always wanted! An Albert Einstein action figure! I can't wait to put him on the Batpod!!