Monday, February 8, 2010

More DID "Battle of Stalingrad" 1:6 Figures Preview

DID has finally released more pictures of their pair of 12-inch military figures from the Battle of Stalingrad, 1942 (first previewed HERE), especially that of the WWII Soviet Sniper based on actor Jude Law's portrayal of Vasily Grigoryevich Zaitsev in the war film "Enemy at the Gates (2001)".

Set Includes: Figure with Detailed Headsculpt, Russian Tunic, Russian Pants, Leather Low boots with Leggings, Russian Sidecap, Russian Winter Cap, Russian M40 Helmet, Russian Tent Quarter/Cape, Russian Quilted Winter Jacket, Brown Leather Belt, Mosin Nagant Ammo Pouches (x2), Canteen and Pouch, Cloth Gas Mask Bag, Trench Periscope and Pouch, Russian Sniper Medal, Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle, Burlap and Twine for Rifle Camo, Russian Dress Sidecap, Russian Dress Tunic, Russian Dress Pants, Leather Jackboots, Extra Set of Hands

Ed Harris was Major König, the German Sniper dispatched to take out Vasily. Set includes: Figure with Unique Likeness, German Officer's Tunic, German Trousers, German Officers' Riding Breeches, German Gebirgsjager M43 Cap, German Officers' Cap, German Leather Officer's Boots, German Medals, Russian Tent Quarter/Cape, German Winter Coat, German Y Straps, German EM Belt, German Officers' Belt, German K98k Ammo Pouches (pair), German Breadbag, German Canteen, German Zeltbahn (folded) with Straps, K98k Sniper Rifle, Cigarettes and Case, Set of Spare Gloved Hands

You can pre-order the "Battle Of Stalingrad, 1942" 1:6 scale 12-inch Vasily Grigorevich Zaytsev Soviet Sniper military figure HERE and Major Erwin König HERE. Good thing is, they are sold separately so you can choose not to buy both if you only fancy one.

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Both totally outcompete Toy City's.