Thursday, February 18, 2010

Constructicon Devastator

From one robot (previous post) to another. I'm not a Transformer collector but I do appreciate art and the occasional customization of a transformer toy does take my breath away. A fellow blogger Jacky (check out his site HERE) does some amazing customization work on Transformers and here are just some of the GREAT work he has done :) You can view more at his site. Feel free to contact him.

The six individual Constructicons that form Devastator rarely agree on anything , which is mirrored in the disordered personality of their combined mode. Devastator has a unique mind all his own, but it is based solely on what the Constructicons can agree upon. This results in a constant mental struggle within Devastator's head, as the submerged moment Devastator displays a confused and childlike demeanor because of this,which belies his brutal nature. Ultimately, Devastator ignores the bickering spectral voices in his head and goes for a default course of action as his fallback in any circumstance: destroy everything without a Decepticon symbol on it.

Mixmaster is so good at his job that he seems more like an alchemist or magician than a master of chemistry and science. When Decepticons request seemingly impossible construction materials, Mixmaster laughs and than giddy goes about producing whatever is needed with maniacal speed. Mixmaster enjoys taking random objects to use for his production process, including still-living Autobots.

Hook considers his fellow Decepticons to be crude, simple-minded, or otherwise flawed. The only other Constructicon that Hook secretly respects is Scraper, whose skills rival his own. Other than that. Hook's snobbish ways aren't just for show-he really has no time for those whom he considers unprofessional and unskilled. Hook's perfectionism is legendary; he puts as much slow,agonizing effort into painting a detail onto a building as he shows when performing a delicate operation on a comrade.

Scavenger's self-esteem is so low that he doesn't even make any attempt to hide his desperate quest for approval, Always eager to please, Scavenger is constantly digging up the countryside-from dessert wastelands to human backyards - for items to offer other Decepticons as tokens of friendship. Usually the "gifts"turn out to be nothing more than useless scrapes in the eyes of his Decepticon comrades, who further lower his sense pf self-worth by mocking him with such derogatory names as "Scrub" and "Scrounge. "Scavenger has a large, messy pile in his quarters where he stores the odds and ends he obsessively collects.

Bonecrusher is a firm believer in survival of the fittest. He feels that only the strongest should-or even deserve to-live. Bonecrusher worships strength and despises weakness, which carries over into his approach to demolitions work. Anything that can't stand up to him should be crushed, he reasons. He loves to look over a barren landscape full of shattered structures,knowing that it was his own power that allowed the destruction to take place.

Scrapper's amazing ability to design and produce almost any structure or machine the Decepticons might need is only matched by his intense modesty in the face of compliments. The artistic Scrapper manages to entertain himself and his allies with his sadistic hobby of incorporating defeated Autobots into his contructions,which is one of the reasons he's the most well-liked Constructicons over the snobbish Hook; Megatron feels Scrapper is the most valuable of the team.Modesty prevents Scrapper from agreeing.

Long Haul hopes for a promotion from his unexciting role of supply transport. He originally agreed to become a Decepticon because he thought it would mean more action and glory. while the Decepticon army has provided him numerous combat opportunities and he still longs to become a front-line soldier.Despite his dream. Long Hual rationalizes that he currently has an important albeit often boring, role Although he knows that's true, he still envies and idolizes Bonecrusher, who is often assigned more combat-oriented duties.

So if you enjoyed this post entry and would like to see more, hop on over to JCartwork Action Figures Customization and tell him what you think. CHEERS


LEon said...

They are awesome. I wished I can paint like that...

alex teo said...

yeah LEon, Jacky does a mean paint job :> dat's why i'm proud to showcase his work >_<

Jacky said...

Thanks guys for appreciating my work,there will b more line up on your way will inform Alex on that lol.
Anyway Thanks for giving me a chance to shares with more people ;)