Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bane vs Batman

continued from the previous post...

In the first season of "The Batman" animated series, in the second episode titled "Traction", a mysterious assassin named Bane is hired by three mob bosses to finish Batman off, once and for all. So here's Mattel's "The Batman" Bane facing off against Batman. The pictures show the size differences between Bane and Batman.

"Hulk SMASH!!" oops, wrong comic... Batman belongs to DC and not Marvel Ha! Ha!

After their first encounter, Bane easily takes down Batman, seriously injuring him. Now, Batman must think of a new way to stop this menace.

Batman comes up with the Batbot to defeat Bane! Read the post HERE!

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StarWarsFan said...

Great review. Your "Hulk smash!!" line made me laugh. :D I'm a huge fan of The Batman and was wondering if I should buy this set for $8.99, + $6.95 shipping? It's brand new and it has the exclusive Batman (he has bandages wrapped around his torso and right hand).

alex teo said...

hi alexandermacqueen, the Batman you just described is making me drool ;p my stand is "what is the toy worth to you? will you be satisfied with the purchase?" if the answer you get gives you a good feeling and will not cause you to regret your decision, then i say go ahead and get it :)

and please post pictures XD CHEERS

StarWarsFan said...

I'm going to get it. :) And I'll post pictures (once I figure out how to create a blog). Lol.

alex teo said...

that's GREAT! can't wait to see the figure - it's the first time I've heard about it